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How to Feed Much Beneful

Dogs are instinctual in everything that they do. I am not a trainer, but I do train my dogs for hunting and simple manners. I am an outdoorsman and breeder, and because of the specific breed that I own, I also train them to be rather submissive to humans to alleviate any aggression issues during the hunt to other dogs or hunters. They are a large hunting and farm breed with a long history of effectiveness at those and many other pursuits, but because I treat them this way, they all are really just big puppies. I am always asked about how I feed such large active dogs. The answer is the same way that you feed smaller dogs when there are many of them. I train them to eat together, but I use their instincts to my advantage. However, in order to achieve this, you must be the pack leader.

In no way does this comprise being mean to your dogs. It is about being a leader. It is their natural instinct to look to the pack leader for guidance. In the wild, they would follow the established pecking order. The pack leader is most instrumental in getting their food, so we as pack leaders eat first. However, you will be simply preparing their food, but first, the dog should be walked or otherwise exercised. In the wild, this mimics their natural behavior because these dogs will wake up, and on the cue of the pack leader, they will hunt the entire day and sometimes days before gaining a substantial meal. After the game is taken, they then let the pack leader eat first. It is this instinct combined with the brisk exercise that will allow you to feed the dogs at once. As you prepare the meals, and place them in front of the dogs, they are not allowed to eat yet.

This further affirms the pecking order with you as pack leader also. Any dog that challenges you at this point is challenging your authority. This action should be sternly addressed, and no dogs eat until that situation is corrected. If they are allowed to eat when a dog is challenging you, the other dogs see that dog as obtaining their food from Beneful for them and thus the pack leader. The stay command does this in early training, and it is recommended to utilize it at this point, but dogs are dogs. However, in the wild, the pack leader and some subordinates would punish a dogs for challenging their authority in the pecking order. For me in feeding, I utilize a dry Beneful brand. They have many, so it is best to choose the appropriate one for your dogs. I pour their food in a line in their feeding area, and they only eat when I give the signal. Purina has perennially offered the type of nutrition that I need for active dogs like this. Because it is nutrient dense, they eat less also.