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How Peter Briger is supporting the Princeton Entrepreneurial journey.

As part of the class of 1986, Peter Briger has always been a proud alumnus of Princeton University. He has worked in various capacities in both Goldman Sachs and the Fortress Investment Group where he is the current Co-CEO. Peter Briger has always had a keen interest in developing the entrepreneurial capacity of the students at the university. He was part of the early team that helped fund the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) which was a creation of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee (PEAC). These teams of experts had been brought together by a keen objective of establishing ways by which the would help realize the “Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way” dream. This was a bold move on Peter Brigers part as he was funding a dream, a concept that was only in paper but had not actually seen results.

This however is no coincidence as Peter Briger has always had a keen eye for opportunity and he understood that once the idea took off the pool of potential entrepreneurs from Princeton would triple. This belief was nurtured at Princeton and Goldman Sachs, where he spent his early years trying to make a career for himself. His fifteen years at Goldman Sachs had shown him the beauty of going in early on opportunities that one understood and so the potential in. This was one of the key reasons he made partner by 1996. His growth, however, did not stop there as he moved to Fortress investment Group In 2002. This would mark a turning point in his career as it was at this juncture that his true leadership capabilities came to light.

He had joined as part of management that was tasked with maintaining the growth that was being experienced at Fortress which had managed to grow its assets under management to three billion. By 2006 he was a member of the board and would be very instrumental in taking the group public. This would grant them an opportunity to attract more equity and grow their portfolio. This momentum would continue and soon they were managing over thirty billion worth of assets. Peter Briger had been very instrumental to this growth and it was only natural for him to climb to Co-CEO level in charge of San Francisco as part of the continued strategic growth. In 2017 however, Softbank Group became very keen on Fortress and offered to acquire them. This got regulatory approval and was completed in 2018.

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Financial Asset Management for Curing Those Back-to-School Blues

It’s that time of year again and back-to-school can mean an onslaught of stress for parents. There’s endless back-to-school shopping to think about in addition to choosing your child’s curriculum and after-school activities, as well as those parent/teacher orientations. And, getting organized for the upcoming school year is at the top of your to-do-list. It can be difficult to change from the late summer nights schedule of summer back to the early mornings of the school year. Effective organization on your part is the key to smooth transition, so here’s a back-to-school scheduling checklist that you can follow to make the process a lot easier this year:

1. Put together a budget
2. Plan your back-to-school shopping trip
3. Stock up on school supplies
4. Make meal preparation plans
5. Establish a back-to-school routine
6. Attend parent/teacher orientation
7. Arrange extracurricular activities
8. Manage sleeping schedules
9. Manage homework expectations
10. Have your young student Lay out school clothes the night before

And, if the cost of back-to-school is more than you can handle, expert help from Freedom Financial Asset Management is readily available. Freedom Financial Asset Management has been in business for five years and offers consumers consolidation loans for handling their outstanding debt along with debt resolution programs. They are located in San Mateo, CA, and have an A+ rating with the BBB. They help people who are drowning in debt and all of their reviews are positive. Simply put, Financial Asset Management could help you with curing the financial aspect of those back-to-school blues.

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