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Eric Pulier : Renowned and Remarkable

Eric Pulier is an extremely successful entrepreneur, technical engineer, author, public speaker as well as a philanthropist. He has established more than 15 companies and has raised millions of dollars for business ventures he launched or helped support. These days, he lives in Los Angeles with his four children.

Early Years…

Living in Teaneck, New Jersey as a child, Mr. Pulier showed his natural ability for technology by programming computers in fourth grade. Later on, he created a computer organization in high school. After leaving high school, he attended Harvard as well as studied courses at MIT. He received his BA and graduated with honors.

Achieving Goals…

In 1991, Eric instituted a company called People Doing Things (PDT). Its object was to utilize technology to speak to health and education problems. Several years later, he addressed the issue of chronically ill children being able to network with those with similar maladies. His efforts produced Starbright World, an organization in which kids could post messages, blog and chat through video conferencing, resulting in them feeling less isolated.

He came upon the world stage in 1998, thanks to former President Clinton and Vice President Gore, who selected Mr. Pulier to take charge of the multi-day phenomenon named “Bridge to the 21st Century.”

Exhibits displayed on the National Mall, located in Washington D.C. brought thousands of people, senators, congressional representatives and even U.S. Supreme Court justices were at the event. But more importantly, he was able to provide a live-feed and interact with the astronauts on the Space Shuttle. At that time, this type of technology had never been realized!

The occasion depicted how computer science and communications technologies would influence our lives. These areas included health care, family, education, entertainment and space expeditions.

Eric still support and work with the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation.

Charity Work…

Mr. Pulier is involved in donating money, time and energy to numerous charities such as – US Doctors for Africa: This program uses technology in answer to health care demands in Africa. The Painted Turtle: He is heavily invested in summer camp for children with chronic and life-threatening disabilities. Campaign for Free College Tuition: He is a contributor and partner for granting free college to all Americans. This is just a small sampling of what Eric Pulier has accomplished, he is not your average businessman – he is more like Superman.

Ross Abelow, Friend to Man, Dog, and Cat

Ross Abelow has been a New York lawyer for over 25 years. The graduate of New York University received his B.A degrees in both English and Political Science. The partner of Abelow & Cassandro received his Juris Doctor at Brooklyn College. Passing his bar exam in 1989, Mr. Abelow is licensed to practice law in the state of New York. Matrimonial, Commercial, Family, and Litigation Law are his specialties. Mr. Abelow also practices Automotive Law and Entertainment Law. In addition to people in the entertainment industry, Abelow also represents athletes. His practice is in Jericho, New York. Ross Abelow works on wills that include people who want living wills that will designate what’s going to happen to them when they are no longer able to speak for themselves. This includes whether the person wants to be on a ventilator or not.

When Ross Abelow is not practicing law, he likes to raise money for the community. One of his fundraisers is called Go Fund Me. An animal lover, Mr. Abelow is trying to raise money to get stray animals into animal shelters. Early this year, he launched the campaign with the goal of raising $5000 to provide strays with food, shelter, and medical attention. Stray animals are more prone to sickness and death when the weather is very cold. Because of lack of funds and space, animal shelters are having trouble finding enough room to board, feed, and treat all the animals that need attention.

Ross Abelow has compassion and understanding for stray animals. He believes that each stray has a story. The animal may have been part of a large litter and had run away from them. He is cold and lonely because he no longer has his mom and siblings to keep him warm and fed. He may have been someone’s pet who was abandoned because the person no longer wanted or could care for him. In a dark, dirty alley the stray finds security from cars. For dinner, he finds a crust of bread that someone had thrown out. This tugs at the heart strings of Ross Abelow who just wants to raise money to help this poor little stray. Dogs and cats are a members of those rare animal breeds that have a great relationship with humans. It means a lot to Mr. Abelow to help keep these animals safe from disease and extreme weather elements.

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