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Appreciating the services of InnovaCare Health and its leaders Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a company that is dedicated to solving issues affecting the health sector. They have been doing this by coming up with innovative solutions that are changing how services are delivered in the health sector. They have implemented these solutions because they embrace change and they want to take the healthcare sector to the next level. They also want to act as role models for other companies that are in the healthcare sector. By performing well and offering advanced services, other companies can learn from them and follow the right steps when delivering their services. InnovaCare uses modern technology and techniques when it comes to the treatment of their patients. The aim of doing this is to reduce the cost of operation and run their activities with efficiency. You can visit



The company has been effectively working with agents to ensure they can provide the best and quality services. They do this with the aim of achieving their objectives. These agents operate in different areas, and they have implemented the best standards according to the requirements of InnovaCare Health. The policies of the company that should be followed are done from the offices located in Fort Lee then they are spread to reach all the agents operating in different parts. The agents are supposed to work under these guidelines to ensure all the services delivered are of the same standards. Although the company has achieved such great success, it is private, but it has been recognized through the dedication and hard work of the leaders and employees who work together to ensure the company achieves its objectives. The firm has been an inspiration to others by considering innovation. Others are also working hard to ensure they achieve the same success like that of InnovaCare. Check out





InnovaCare Health has been offering its services to the residents of Puerto Rico, but it has also expanded its services to other parts. Locals who were not happy with the services they were getting from other companies can now appreciate that InnovaCare is now providing the services they have wished to get. The success has not been easy because it took the partnership of several companies to come up with an organization that can offer the right services. The partnership is essential as it combines resources from different companies and also the right skills. InnovaCare can now provide various healthcare services with efficiency because they have the resources and expertise to do so.


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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Supports the Team That Makes the Difference

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has a vision to be the most trusted source for cancer care in the United States – and they know that only an empowered, passionate team will meet that goal. Named by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the 150 Great Places to Work for in Healthcare, CTCA wants to invite job seekers looking to join forces with an innovative healthcare organization to consider joining their family. CTCA, founded in 1988, is a network of five dedicated cancer treatment hospitals offering comprehensive services to adult oncology patients. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, CTCA runs five centers throughout the United States located in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Illinois.

CTCA is different than other cancer treatment centers, emphasizing a holistic approach to care that extend beyond traditional treatment. At CTCA, patients receive care from a multidisciplinary team and benefit from an individualized treatment plan that includes complementary therapies and social support designed to optimize the success of their cancer treatment while improving quality of life.CTCA is results-focused. All hospitals are fully accredited by the Joint Commission and have earned Full Compliance Standards, a designation meaning each center has met critical standards for patient care and safety.

Recognized by wellness giant Greatist as the second-healthiest medium-sized company to work for in the US, the CTCA whole-person treatment philosophy extends to staff as well. CTCA offers exceptional career opportunities for talented clinical, administrative and hospitality job seekers. Team members at CTCA are highly valued for the stake they own in the success of the center and the lives of the people they serve. Looking for a new career? Look no further than CTCA where staff can always expect the resources and incentives needed for success and thanks for a job well done.

Foresite Capital continues to make headlines in the healthcare field

Foresite Capital is a remarkable healthcare growth equity company. It offers growth capital to the upcoming health care champions, in both public and private markets, with disruptive products and also services. The company is based in San Francisco and also has a workstation in the New York. Jim Tananbaum is lucky to hold the top ranks in the firm. He works as the Managing Director, Principal Executive Officer, as well as the Managing Director of this firm.

Foresite Capital is delighted to welcome a great talent into their workforce. Dr. He is the new entrant in the company. Dr. He brings her rich knowledge in genomics, and her leadership record is unmatched. Previously, she has worked at Illumina where she championed the firm’s worldwide protein reagent modernization. Prior to joining Illumina, she also championed the development of the firm’s single molecular chemistry. More so, in her early years of her career, she worked in the pharmaceutical sector where she focused on the development of molecular and antibody drugs that targeted cancer and immune ailments. She holds an undergraduate qualification from Nankai University and a doctorate in Protein biophysics. Moreover, she has over 20 publications in the field of healthcare modernization.

Being an industry leader for 25 years, Jim Tananbaum is an investor who focuses on building franchises within the healthcare sector. One of the core achievements is when he was the co-founder of the GeITex pharmaceuticals. During this time, they brought two drugs into the field which sold for $1.6billion. He is also a co-founder of Prospective Venture Partners II and III and Theravance, Inc.

Jim Tananbaum holds both Bachelor of Science and Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering undergraduate qualifications from Yale University. Also, he also holds an M.B.A and M.D from Harvard University. He is proud to have worked on the advisory committees and boards to various institutions, among them, Yale School of Engineering and Harvard. Recently, he has made a huge investment in the Allergen Research Firm. Mr. Jim continues to make headlines for his huge medical field investments which include Unicorn Intarcia Therapeutics, diabetes treatments, and Juno Therapeutics.

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