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Beneful Rises to the Competition

Anyone who wants to create quality food begins by using quality ingredients, and Richard Thompson is no different. As the chief executive officer of a manufacturing company, it is his job to make sure that all the products being sold to customers is meeting the standards of fresh ingredients he would want for himself as well. Instead of seeing words like, “pyridoxine hydrochloride” listed on the ingredients list, Thompson looks for ingredients that provide great flavor and equal health benefits such as long, healthy fur, great dental cleansing, and high energy for man’s best friend.

Of course, Thompson’s main focus here is creating excellent dog food, but he treats it just as seriously as if he was making food for a french chef. While companies such as Blue Buffalo are upping up competition in the marketing game, other companies such as Beneful has upped their game as well. Beneful has been using more quality products in their standard dog food recipe, so that they can ensure the quality of their food products against those in competition with them.

Purina, the parent company of Beneful, has recently purchased Merrick Pet Care and other healthy, organic pet food manufactures. Beneful is investing in these companies with the intention of improving the quality of food they provide. With each new inquisition, Baneful takes on new manufacturing techniques, new knowledge, and new recipes that all contribute toward one main goal of providing healthy food that animal lovers can feel proud to feed to their pets. Now,Beneful offer their health benefits to dogs of all ages, breeds, and dogs who have special dietary needs like those with skin issues or animals that are seniors.