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Sanjay Shah is Allowing Autism to Gain Exposure


Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, has recently appointed brothers Pete and Will Best to its board of trustees. Shah met Pete Best while attending college and the two have remained friends over the years. Pete resigned from his position as the chief operating officer of investment firm Icap to bring financial expertise to Autism Rocks’ disposal. Will holds extensive hands-on experience in concert event planning, cinema production, and live television hosting skills. Look out for Autism Rocks in headlines in the near future!

Shah decided to found Autism Rocks three years after one of his children was diagnosed with autism, the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the world. Most people have heard the term autism before, but not as many are fully aware of what exactly autism is, how to treat it, and what to look for in abnormally developing children. Because Autism Rocks features world-renowned recording music artists, many people tune in to listen to the concert and become familiar with warning signs of autism and how to seek help. Catching autism early in its manifestation may be crucial in successfully dealing with autism.

Accounting was Sanjay Shah’s career choice, despite originally longing to be a medical doctor. He worked for a handful of financial institutions throughout his first twenty years of working. Around this time, Shah had accumulated enough capital to invest in purchasing companies. In 2009, Sanjay decided he had enough with working for large financial institutions and entities and wanted to work for himself. He founded Solo Capital in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since.

Solo Capital is one of the subsidiaries belonging to Solo Group Holdings, which currently oversees the operations of forty businesses across Europe and Asia. Sanjay Shah oversees both companies’ operations in their entirety. Solo Capital according to companycheckUK deals with sports team investments, stock trading, and consulting primarily. The firm is valued at 15.5 million euros and controls assets worth an astounding 67 million euros. Solo Capital is Sanjay Shah’s primary concern and will be for the foreseeable future.

Those wishing to donate to Autism Rocks can do so online in any denomination desired. One needs to choose which department of Autism Rocks will be funded, which includes autism support groups, art lessons, and other activities. Sanjay Shah will continue to push the importance of autism awareness through Autism Rocks’ operating activities and directly donating to autism research carried out at Cambridge University, the world’s leader in autism research.

Sunday Times published a brilliant article explaining Autism Rocks’ new hires, information about the charitable organization, and the founder Sanjay Shah.