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Don’t Forget the Family Pet When Planning a Healthy Meal

A recent article published by the wikipedia showcased how people’s perception of food has changed in recent times. Decades of people choosing the fastest and lower quality options for themselves is starting to show. And this had led people to make some big changes in their own lives. Suddenly gourmet food has moved from being an exotic luxury to something that many people of even modest means can plan their day around. And in return people are finding a happier and healthier life. However, the article highlights the fact that one member of the family is often forgotten when making those plans. The family dog is often left to stare in envy as his family munches down on juicy meats and aromatic vegetables. But just as people have begun to eat better, so too have dogs. The piece goes on to mention that even flavors as exotic as lasagna and beef stroganoff are now available to fill a dog’s breakfast, lunch or dinner plans. But something that might come as more of a surprise to people is the fact that dogs might have actually gotten on the trend earlier than their owners. Some existing companies, such as the high quality dog food brand Beneful, have been using only the best ingredients right from the start. Most people don’t pause to really examine dog food. But anyone with Beneful can take some out, and he or she will quickly notice the chunks of meat and vegetable within it. The reason for this is quite simple. Beneful has always used fresh and all natural ingredients for their dog food. While a lot of companies are currently changing themselves to adapt to a new market, Beneful is one of the select handfuls which could be said to have created it. They’ve long held to the idea that dog foods should be viewed as more of a meal than a single taste. As such their products contain a mixture of meats and vegetables which even human cooks might learn a thing or two from.