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How a Buddha Statue Story Came Full Circle in Gump’s Relaunch

As one of the most celebrated luxury stores in the U.S., Gump’s name doesn’t need any introduction to those who keep up to date with a particular lifestyle. Founded in 1861, Gump’s was started as a mirror and frame store by the sibling duo of Solomon and Gustave Gump. Today, Gumps is one of the most renowned names in terms of luxury items.

When the Gump brothers founded the store, it intended to provide ornate mirrors and frames to enhance the value and aesthetic of homes. That idea elevated into something more sophisticated during the California gold rush, where the Gumps were able to include art in their offerings.

From there, the store enhanced its operations and slowly established itself as a credible brand for those who were looking for high-end luxury items. They carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati. After years of operating as a family business, the store was also able to expand its locations. Today, Gump’s is based out of San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY.

The business was recently acquired by another family, the Chachas, who are more than excited to take the reins of a brand that they have been associated with for a while. See Related Link to learn more.

One key lesson that many may learn from the Gump’s was that of their devotion to quality as well as persistence in the growth of the business. One can see that the brothers saw the Goldrush as an opportunity for them to grow and satisfy their customers. These tailwinds provided them with the ability to do what they did best and provide customers with high-end goods. A new age of riches certainly pushed them forward in their journey to success.

One can learn from the Gump’s in more ways than one. Start simple and continue to grow feasibly. Capitalize on trends and accelerate progress. Find More Information Here.

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