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Sightsavers on Fixing Public Health

At a recent TED Talk, Caroline Harper discussed some of the things are possible in the near future. These mentioned things are the possibility of curing one of the oldest diseases we know, and that is trachoma. Trachoma is one of the biggest infectious causes of blindness and recent talk has been discussing a cure in the upcoming years.

To begin the TED Talk, Ms. Harper came on to the stage wearing a tweezer around her neck on a necklace band. The significance of the tweezer was to show how annoying this disease can get. Girls in parts of Africa would actually carry tweezers around when they would go place and pluck their eyelashes but only to offer temporary relief. The lashes would soon grow back and now even worse than before.

Trachoma is a very old disease and as Sightsavers mentions, it has dated back and has been recorded from ancient Egypt. Now it is worse than it has ever been with 182 million people at risk for developing some form of blindness due to this disease.

But now, as of 2012, a blog post posted on Sightsavers main website says that multiple countries including Morocco have announced the end of the disease and they say that in 2017 Mexico, Laos, and Cambodia all became trachoma-free as well. This is not only a great thing but could also show the hope for the coming years.

As people develop more advancements in medicine and other things related to health, we begin to see a pattern that has developed. There are a lot of communities, generally less wealthy than the average person, who end up developing these diseases. The main thing holding these communities back is a lack of resources. Once they get the necessary resources, it’s positivity for the future.