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Norka Luque and Her Musical Career

Music forms an integral part of the entire human well-being. It implants a person’s ability to connect with others, lifts moods and creates an overall positivism in life. People love music. They also adore the people who produce music. That is why many musicians find themselves in the list of highly influential people in the world.

In this post, we are going to talk about one individual who is an embodiment of all the positive values music can bring into someone’s life. We are going to talk about Norka Luque, a promising musician with a brilliant personality. According to Luque, music should be used to create positivism in life and give hope to the hopeless. She acknowledges that it is her responsibility as a musician to make positive changes in society’s perception towards life through constructive song lyrics.

Unlike many artists, Luque’s musical journey has been a long one that spans to the time when she was a young girl. With the help of her parents, she acquired the right tools and good training to practice music as her passion. She enrolled in ivy-league music schools, which gave a her a platform to gain experience in music. In addition to music training, she enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in France where she studied Business and Management. While in school, she did not stop her love for music. She formed a band known as the Bad Moon Rising that featured a wide genre of music. The band performed at local events and functions.

Her endless efforts to advance her career in music earned her a strong admiration from Emilio Estan, a renowned musical producer in Venezuela. She had to shift her focus from being a banker in Monaco to a full-time musician. Since then, she has managed to release several singles, which are hits in her home country Venezuela. Her single “As You Do”, which was released in 2012, topped the charts in the country for 14 weeks.

Norka Luque currently lives in Miami, FL where she manages her own record label known as NorkaMusic Productions LLC. She is also a regular performer in events. She recently performed alongside Elvis Crespo, Seroussi and Victor Gonzalez at the Billboard Bash, which was presented by State Farm and hosted by Guad of mun2. Norka is yet to release another much anticipated single “Tomorrowland.” People expect it to become one of the best songs released by a Latino female musician this year.