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Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Discusses His Love For DJing

Many entrepreneurs have mentioned the importance of having work life balance. One hobby that is emerging as a popular choice for entrepreneurs to participate in is electric DJing. Nitin Khanna says that DJing allows him to express his passion for music.

DJ Kitten

Nitin Khanna’s professional stage name is DJ Kitten. Khanna has performed at live events all over the United States. Khanna says that he is a late bloomer in regards to enjoying electronic music. Khanna discovered electronic music through meeting with representatives at Burning Man. He releases shows to his Soundcloud every month so that people can easily listen to his music. While music is his passion, Nitin Khanna still finds time to run multiple multi-million dollar organizations.

Business Ventures

Recently, Nitin Khanna helped re-designed one of Portland’s historic attractions, seeking to create appealing night life entertainment. The building re-opened as the No Vacancy Club. Khanna says that No Vacancy was created to serve mature crowds. He envisioned live music becoming a centerpiece of the experience. Nitin Khanna says that No Vacancy gave him the opportunity to pursue his musical interests while also spending time with his friends.

Nitin Khanna hopes to be an example for both his employees and other entrepreneurs that people can find the time to enjoy their hobbies without negatively impacting their careers. Research has shown that many people experience burnout from working long hours at their jobs. Without having a way to reduce the stress and tension, people risk becoming mentally exhausted.

Why DJing Is Becoming Popular

Many entrepreneurs believe that DJing suits their fast paced lifestyles. They also enjoy the non demanding nature of the job. Disk jockeys can perform their jobs at a high level without using a lot of energy. Nitin Khanna says that there is also respect for the level of focus that it takes to complete a performance.

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Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney At The Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm

The National Safety Council reported the United States experienced over 47 million injuries in 2017 caused by intentional and unintentional accidents. Some happened in the workplace, home, community, and by motor vehicles. If you received an injury in Ohio and suffer financially with expensive medical costs and lost of earned income because of an automobile accident, the best advice is to hire a reputable law firm. Kisling, Nestico & Redick Personal Injury Law Firm has a team of 37 reputable lawyers with over 400 years of combined experience practicing in 11 cities throughout Ohio. 

If you or a love-one received an injury or injuries caused by the negligence of another person or entity, seek legal counsel. Do this immediately after contacting your insurance company and avoid settling the claim so quickly. At Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm, their personal injury attorneys offer potential clients with a free consultation session by scheduling an appointment online or calling the firm directly. They relieve you of handling the claim with the insurance company which is one benefit of hiring a personal injury attorney.

Another benefit is Kisling, Nestico & Redick lawyers works with you to ensure you don’t have to pay expensive costs for medical treatments upfront. They use all their reliable resources to cover unexpected expenses for the client and handles insurance disputes to get medical bills paid after an accident. Before contacting an attorney, collect pertinent information including photos, videos, police report copy, and other relevant evidence that will benefit the personal injury case. 

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm built one of the largest law firms in Ohio and has offices in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Canton, Cincinnati, Beachwood, Westlake, and nearby cities. Founders, Gary Kisling, Robert Redick, and Rob Nestico co-founded the law firm in 2005 in Akron, OH.

They received 11 plus awards from organizations, including Ohio Super Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers Association, American Trial Lawyers Association, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and other state and national associations. Schedule an appointment today to speak to one of Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s personal injury lawyers at a location near you.

Rick Cofer talks about determinate sentencing

Determinate sentencing subjects convicted criminals to a jail term that is definite and not subject to review by any board. Because of the nature of this sentence, Rick Cofer says that there is a problem associated with it. He holds the view that the sentence is static, and can last for decades.

It is something that he says should not happen to people who have the right to ask for a review of their sentences. In addition to that, he says that juvenile offenders are the ones that are most affected by this type of sentences as has been determined by the Rick Cofer Law Firm.

Laws and regulations

Children, Rick Cofer says, are always expected to adhere to a set of rules that they find in place. It is this type of situation that makes them end up with a determinate sentence. He says that when they are sentenced, they are likely to spend many years in Jail when they could have found a better sentence to help them change their lives.

There is always a possibility for growth and change, and this is something that convicted juveniles are always denied when they are subjected to determinate sentencing like the ones that have been served by the Rick Cofer Law firm.

Lack of motivation

Rick Cofer says that when junior law offenders are exposed to this sentence, they are likely to lack motivation. The aim of sending people to prison is to reform them, and therefore, it is good to ensure that they are motivated to do better.

They should have the attitude that makes them want to impress the justice system. This can only happen when they know that by doing better, they are likely to have their sentences reviewed. Everyone has a desire to get out of jail, and this means that when they know that they can get out by doing better, they will become responsible people because Rick Cofer Law firm has confirmed this.

According to Rick Cofer, it is good to treat people according to their merits. When a fixed jail term is imposed on them, it will not be easy to recognize their merits.

The Best New Thing In New York Is The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is established to guide people in New York to the perfect attorney for their situation. With the rise of cases in all areas of the law, this new service has been helping thousands of people every single day. Any New Yorker skeptical of this new service can easily go to the appropriate website and observe all the wonderful reviews that can be found there. These wonderful reviews are updated on a daily basis, and all of the individuals leaving these reviews can be contacted.


Any individual in need of a lawyer for any situation can visit the Madison County Courier website 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A quick survey like document must be filled out. This document requires information regarding the type of attorney that is needed, the amount of money that is available to be spent, and the urgency of the matter. After this document is filled out, the individual in need of an attorney will receive a full list of all available attorneys for their situation.


There is absolutely no charge for this service. It is fully paid for by the New York Bar Association. Going further, any person feeling they have been overcharged can contact the New York Bar Association, and an investigation will be conducted immediately.


At all times, New Yorkers also have the right to contact Attorney Jerry Goldstein. Attorney Goldstein is responsible for putting this program together. He fought to make sure this service would be free and available to every individual within New York. Jerry is available by phone, email, or social media. Any person in need of additional information may contact him at any time. He has a few different degrees from various well-known schools. However, he is fantastic at helping common people fully understand legal terms.

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Frans Schoeman’s Unrivaled Experience in the Field of Law

Frans Schoeman on was born and raised in South Africa and attended the schools in the area. Growing up, I saw the need for sound and legal representation for the local entrepreneurs. This kind of advice from a law expert was missing in a society that was facing court hearings on a daily basis. Moreover, the few lawmakers at the time would impose exorbitant charges on their clients. Despite these unnecessary charges, people continued to fall victim because they there were no alternatives.

This prompted Frans Schoeman to join the University of The Free State where I studied law. While pursuing my degree, I developed a strong calling to join the student’s law society. Here, I acquired numerous skills on leadership, teamwork and public speaking. These would later help me in arguing my case before a judge and the prosecutor. The club often invited established lawmakers to talk to us about law and such forums further increased my passion.

Over the years, I have worked with several commercial enterprises and seen to their success. This has built the trust that often misses in such deals. I value my client’s reputation and works tirelessly to guarantee victory whenever I am presented with a case. My efforts have paid off greatly because today, I handle millions of clients who prefer working with my firm to any other. Customers in the state are willing to pay for my services as they are of exceptional quality and remain unrivaled.
In bid to meet the demands of my growing client base, I joined forces with other professional lawmakers in the industry who had the same vision as mine. Like me, they have been in business for decades and therefore, understand the challenges and uniqueness of each and every case. As a firm, we wake up daily to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services and communication skills.

Legal skills are acquired from years of practice and probably some failures along the way. These equip us with the relevant knowledge needed in the corridors of our courts. Therefore, this is what I bring to the table whenever a client contracts my services. I am capable of analyzing a case thorough to determine if it needs to go to court or if it can be arbitrated upon. I have had success with solving cases outside court by engaging both parties. By doing this, they are able to evade the expensive compensations likely to be imposed on them by the judge.

In 2006, I was appointed the director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation a company dealing in mine concession in the country of Angola. With this new position, I have worked extremely hard to improve the laws that govern the industry. Furthermore, I have been able to improve the face of the company by introducing new and unheard of ideas. These major steps have catapulted the industry to greater heights.

Being in charge of several firms might be a challenge to many experienced lawyers in my field. However, this is not true in my case. With my years of practice, I have mastered the art of meeting set deadlines. Moreover, I have taken it upon myself to employ upcoming lawyers who under my close observation have grown into knowledgeable lawmakers. This personal achievement has enabled me to focus on other cases and businesses while my employees assist.