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An email is very important in the current times. This is an effective communication platform that has been used in many departments and it does not disappoint. Everyone has an email account, and they are always happy when using the communication platform because it is cheaper compared to the other communication methods that are available. People have become their own enemies when using the emails. Everyone is complaining that their inboxes are always filled with so many emails that are unnecessary. Whenever people come across an email subscription service online, they quickly subscribe to the service, forgetting that they will be receiving emails from all corners. Before they start to realize, the inbox is cluttered, and it becomes extremely difficult to find important emails that could be communicating an emergency. Marketing agencies are using emails to reach out to their customers in the world. Whenever a company has a special deal, it notifies its customers through emails, and this leads to unread mails each day. Shopping is an important part of every day’s life, but believes that you should attend to the important matters first before you can start shopping. is a simple platform that wants to manage your emails, especially during the working hours of the day. This is a tool that is transforming the lives of many individuals in the global market. Jojo Hedaya is the professional behind the big company. is offered completely free of charge, and it is one of the things people in the corporate world want to be associated with. The service let’s all its customers to unsubscribe to any email subscriptions that are not important using just one single click. The company has served customers for several years, and the review it is getting is prove that its services are the best in the market. is not complicated to the users, and it doesn’t need training so that the customers can understand it. knows that there are some special subscriptions that its customers want to keep and revisit when they have time, and this is why they have introduced an option to enable the clients to achieve their goal.

Alexandre Gama Is The Only Option For Superior Portugues Copywriting

Alexandre Gama is a marketing expert in the Brazillian copywriting industry. He has been involved in marketing and writing since the 1990s. His work has won him many awards both in Brazil and Europe.

After studying marketing at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, he began his job as a writer for Standart Ogilvy. Once he was recruited for DM9, he had a streak of award-winning articles and advertisements for multiple years.

After gaining so much market knowledge, Alexandre Gama opened Neogama in 1999. This company was at the center of the Brazilian marketing industry for several years.

Neogama merged with BBH, a British marketing company with international interests. The merger allowed for Alexandre to reach out to the English-speaking market, winning him international awards.

He became a board member of the Board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies. He became responsible for representing and defending all agencies involved in the Brazilian communications industry.