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Ivy Robert Receives a Lifetime Award

Robert Ivy has shown exemplary architect work and he recently received the Noel Polk Award. This was the first time an architect has been awarded the Polk Award. He serves as the CEO of the AIA and he has perfected his skills in the field over the recent years. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

The award, which was given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts, recognises the work of the Mississippi artisans and their achievements. There is a lot that Robert Ivy has achieved during his term as the chief executive officer of AIA. He has been helpful and instrumental in many architecture causes, which led the Mississippi Institute of arts to notice.

There is no better way of recognizing the Mississipi connected art patrons and artists who have shown incredible and extraordinary performance in art than giving them this award. Mississippi is the place that introduced him to art and literature, and he was pleased that his home state recognised him. The location made him feel that writing about architecture was easy and possible.


Robert Ivy has been recognized as a worthy architecture ambassador among his peers. Although he has only been in AIA since 2011, he has been with other institutions such as McGraw-Hill before, and he was active in helping around other projects especially in China. Robert Ivy was an editor in chief where he was behind the Architectural record. He supervised a newsletter which became a hit in the field of architecture and was read globally. He also took part in many projects in the Middle East.

Robert Ivy said that he was honored and he felt grateful that his efforts in the architectural field were appreciated. AIA was also pleased that their CEO was recognised and they were confident that this would boost the confidence of other architects to motivate them and work harder. The award is also excellent in adding credence to the organisation.

Today, he serves as an aspiration to the youths in American who have a dream of joining architecture someday. Since he started his occupancy as the vice president in AIA, Ivy Robert has expanded his influence in the organisation. He was officially acknowledged on 2nd June. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.