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FreedomPop Wins In A Comparison To Other Wireless Providers

Those who are customers of popular companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint may have many things in common, but one thing that many can agree on is the fact that all of these companies have different prices for their services. Two of these companies had gotten rid of their unlimited services for cell phones in the past, and after reintroducing those services, the prices have only gone up higher. When companies like Sprint and T-Mobile can lower their prices, Verizon and AT&T have found ways to make their prices higher, especially when it involves unlimited cell phone service.

A FreedomPop review reveals that FreedomPop, a company under the Sprint network, has lower prices and the same great quality as many of the wireless giants out there. Since Sprint is the hosting company for FreedomPop, it allows a lot of customers to be able to use FreedomPop, even if they are in an obscure part of the United States that many other companies may not have phone service. The other great thing about FreedomPop is the fact that they’re also offering Internet service, and this is good news for anyone who needs Wi-Fi service, home based Internet service, and portable hotspots.

The FreedomPop cell phone services vary in price, but there are several unlimited plans that will simply add additional 4G LTE data to the plan when additional funds are paid for the plan. Since the unlimited phone plans start at only $20 each month, anyone who chooses to get one of the higher-priced plans will simply get additional 4G LTE data but will still be paying less than many other companies charge for the same plan. Unlimited talk, text, and web is included with the $20 plan and above, so a user can feel free to splurge when they’re using these services.

FreedomPop has Wi-Fi service available, and the service is only going to set the user back five dollars each month but allows the user unlimited access to the service. As long as the Wi-Fi user downloads the application for the service, they can sign up for the service and use it as much as they want to. Those who want access to FreedomPop’s home Internet service must purchase a hub, but they’ll be able to get Wi-Fi in the home as well. Those who want to use a portable hotspot from FreedomPop can purchase it as well as adding a data plan to it.

FreedomPop Has Great Cell Phone Service And Coverage

Many people have problems with their current cell phone service provider and are anxious to make a change. The problem is that many don’t know what to look forward to if they do switch phone companies, and a lot of this information can be found in a recent article on Not only is there a list of different perks and reimbursements that phone companies are giving to those who make the switch but the article also talks about how easy it is to switch phone companies, and keeping the same phone number is also possible. Those who are making a switch should also consider FreedomPop, which is on the Sprint network.

There are many cell phone companies that promise they have widespread coverage, but if a person goes out into the sticks, the boonies, the swamps, or somewhere where there aren’t a lot of people populating it, then they may find how useless their cell phone is. The person may go to make a simple phone call and their cell phone as no service. When a cell phone has no service, then don’t expect to be able to make a phone call, go on the Internet, or even send a text message.

Cell phone service that’s sketchy or nonexistent is bad, and it’s best to deal with a company that not only has great call quality but reliable service too. It’s unimaginable that a person won’t have access to their cell phone to make phone calls when they really need it, and it’s not because their phone is gone or lost, but it’s because the cell phone service is gone. Anyone having problems with their current cell phone carrier may need to make the switch, and it’s a great idea to switch over to FreedomPop. A person can bring their cell phone to FreedomPop if it’s compatible, or they can buy a cell phone directly from the company.

FreedomPop is working with Sprint in order to bring great call quality to those who are in need a cell phone service. Not only does the cell phone service work in many areas around the USA but the call quality is excellent. FreedomPop has several cell phone service plans, and they range from free of charge to $20 per month for an unlimited plan. FreedomPop should always be the first choice when picking a great cell phone service provider.

FreedomPop launches free 4G mobile service in UK

As reported in the Telegraph Newspaper, FreedomPop is crossing the Atlantic and moving into new territory with the hopes of expansion and offering budget-conscious customers a chance to save on their cell phone bills. Currently, a company stationed in the US, this company offers free 4G services and will be in direct competition with Talk-Talk and Tesco Mobile in Europe.

The first initial phase has been set into place and this venture capital-backed plan looks to be a profitable one. The European people need a company that can offer those greater savings and better service, all key factors in FreedomPop’s pitch. There will be a small set up fee of £7 for all new accounts, but the free basic service will provide each caller with 200 voice minutes, 200 texts and the ability to use the internet for up to 200 MB of data. To put it in layman’s terms, that would allow each person the ability to visit about 100 web pages per month.

Many people wonder how the company will make money if they give their services away for free. The profitable side of their business is once subscribers use up all their free minutes, they can purchase a package that runs anywhere from £4.99 to £16.99 per month to get the additional minutes that they need. There will also be a chance for subscribers to receive a free allowance by using third-party marketing surveys to increase their minutes.

The company operates on what is called an MVNO, or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This is similar to the structure of Talk-Talk and Tesco. They are simply looking for a very specific price sensitive market and utilizing the services of the Three Network will allow them to give services away dirt cheap to their subscribers. In the US, they piggy-back onto Sprint’s Network.

FreedomPop was the brainchild of Stephen Stokols, and their current customers in the US only seem to use their free minutes with only about half buying extra packages. However, the company still remains profitable because they only need to have about 50,000 subscribers in the UK to be in a positive cash flow situation.