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Investing in Freedom Checks from MLPs

There are Master Limited Partnership companies who pay money to their stockholders for investing in their company, and that money is called Freedom checks. Stockholders will receive around $34.6 billion that will be paid out soon. To receive this money depends on how much was invested.

There are stockholders who will receive their cut of the $34.6 billion from $24,075 to $160,923 in Freedom checks. These stockholders have purchased a lot of shares in a company to be able to receive their Freedom checks. Matt Badiali, an investor and who reinvented the Freedom checks, stated that it does not matter who you are and how much money you got, that you can start receiving these checks. Read this article at

The MLP company must have 90% revenue in production of natural resources, processing, storage, and transportation before they can pay their stockholders their Freedom checks. Anyone can invest in a MLP company for as little as $10. The payout from the MLP company can be as large as someone who is receiving a Social Security check.

The MLP company disperse these checks several times a year and the checks are tax free. Purchasing shares from a MLP company is just as easy as purchasing shares from Google. The only difference is the MLP company must have 90% revenue in storage, processing, and transportation etc.


Matt Badiali believes that the MLP companies will disperse these checks by the first week of July. Matt Badiali’s video about the freedom checks has misled some people because they thought the government issued the checks. My guess is Matt Badiali showed a government check for an example to show that the MLP checks can be as large as a Social Security check.

Stockholders must understand that MLP companies are basically the same as the publicly traded company. The MLP companies have a lot of money to disperse to stockholders because they have gains of 5,889% to 39,832%. It is important for stockholders to know and understand how the MLP checks works.

Because Congress recently passed the tax reform bill, Matt Badiali has estimated that by next month, the MLP checks will be dispersed. The MLP companies and other stockholders will receive the tax breaks due to the new tax reform bill that was just passed. The MLP companies and stockholders will benefit from the new tax reform bill which means more funds for the MLP companies to disperse to stockholders. Visit the website to learn more.