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NGP VAN And Tech In Politics

Political campaigns across the world, especially in the United States, heavily lean on political software to boost their chances of success. Such programs, devices, and applications both help organizers understand constituents of offices they’re running for better and reach out to them more effectively, not to mention educate volunteers on things related to their political causes.

NGP Software was first founded in 1997 by Nathaniel Pearlman, which became NGP Voter Activation Network – better known as NGP VAN – in 2010 when NGP Software absorbed Voter Activation Network. Today, NGP VAN is essentially the go-to software for most every Democratic campaign and such group efforts made by larger democratic PACs, or political action committees, whose overarching goals are to independently fund support messages for Democrat incumbents and office-seekers and those against their Republican or, to a lesser extent, independent counterparts.

Even though technology never resembled anything remotely similar in 2008 to where it stands today, United States President Barack Obama and his campaign managers closely associate their use of NGP VAN’s tools with Obama’s initial election in 2008 and his 2012 reelection. Further, Mitt Romney could have taken control over voters’ November 2011 opinions if he had more effectively used technology geared towards boosting politicians’ performance at the polls. Romney didn’t use his ORCA platform very well and lost because of it.

Daniel Kreiss, a prominent author, relates the use of technology in American politics – specifically a comparison of technology used by Republican and Democratic candidates on the highest levels of United States politics – presidential, Senatorial, and Representative – in his recent book Prototype Politics: Technology-Intensive Campaigning and the Data of Democracy. Mr. Kreiss also describes how much organizations like NGP VAN have helped political candidates that utilize them to their fullest.


Big data has played an integral role in modern political campaigns, too. In the past, inaccurate manual surveys were largely used to see how people felt about various issues, including their interest for candidates running for office. Today, people look for this, that, and everything on their computers. They’re far more likely to be honest in what they ask the Internet than with what they ask about other people.

Data taken en masse is known as big data and is largely accurate, truthful, and representative of the people that look for such information. NGP VAN continues to help politicians with all of the above issues as it has for the past 21 y ears.