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Andy Wirth and The Positive Effects of Clean Power



There are more options for clean power today than ever before. Clean power provides many benefits to the overall economy. In addition, the health of people living in an area with clean power is higher than those living in an area with high pollution. It is important for companies to start making investments in clean power resources for their company. Not only will this help the environment, but many companies have shown that they see an increase in revenue from customers as well. Customers today want companies to do their part to help the economy. Here are several ways that clean power helps the overall economy and the health of individuals.

Health Benefits

In many countries, health related costs are becoming a big drain on the overall budget. In the United States, hundreds of billions of dollars spent every year on healthcare costs. There is a correlation between clean power and higher levels of health. In areas with clean power, less money is going to be spent caring for people who have low levels of health.


The environmental cost of typical fossil fuel consumption is staggering. In just the past couple of decades, the world has lost a huge percentage of its forests. The way in which the world currently consumes power is simply not sustainable. In moving to clean power, the environment will be saved in many ways.


Clean power is more efficient than traditional power in many ways. Although the initial set up cost is high, clean energy vehicles and homes cost much less to maintain over the course of several years. There are even some governments that give people tax incentives to purchase clean power vehicles and home upgrades. This is a great situation for people who want to make an impact on the environment.

Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a great example of someone dedicating their life to clean power. There are many positive side effects of clean power in a society. The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski wants to be sure that everyone knows these positive benefits. This article was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal and is a great summary on this subject.