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Marketing trends that excite Gustavo Martinez

When you are working in the marketing and advertising industry, you should always be on the lookout for new trends. This is a profession that is dictated by the changing behaviors of consumers. If you look at the way companies used to market their products several decades ago, you will notice that things have changed.

In fact, if you try any of the things that they were doing, you will notice that nobody even understands what you are doing. For Gustavo Martinez, most of the trends that excite him are related to technology. He has been in this profession even before technology sprouted and so, he has seen it all.

The Internet of Things

Gustavo Martinez is fascinated by the fact that modern technology can be used to link several appliances even when they are not in the same location. For example, a marketer can link a computer at the office to their car in the field and their mobile phones in the hands.

This means that they are able to manage all these things in one place. When it comes to marketing, the Internet of Things has made it easy for marketers to run multiple campaigns. They can manage several manages with one device even when they are working miles apart.

Artificial Intelligence

It is not possible to talk about the Internet of Things without mentioning Artificial Intelligence, and this fascinates Gustavo Martinez too. He says that the ability of computers to recognize the things that only humans could do is amazing.

Computers are not being used to do the tasks that were dedicated to humans. They can write, relay information, plan for the day, and carry out a long list of activities without being monitored. When you use Artificial Intelligence in marketing, you will notice that you will have less work to do and your costs will reduce significantly.

Better and faster marketing applications

Another trend that makes Gustavo Martinez happy is the fact that there are applications that speed up marketing activities. He says that when he was starting out almost four decades ago, he had to do many things that took up a lot of his time. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase and Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench

As a result, it took him too long to complete one project. Fast forward to today, and he has noticed that he can automate most of the tasks that used to exhaust his energy and so, things are now easier.

If you have been following marketing and advertising news, you must have heard about Gustavo Martinez. This is the experienced marketer who has spent 35 years working in this industry.

Over that period, he has made contributions that helped to change this industry. He says that he is almost at the end of his career and so, he is thinking about new angles in marketing.

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Using ones time wisely, knowing how to listen and understanding how to learn are three suggestions that Gustavo Martinez will testify are great ways to help an individual to find success in the world of advertising and marketing.

Though he has been in business for more than three decades, Gustavo Martinez still gets going early every day. After a bit of family time, the long day at the office begins. He generally makes it there by 9 am and often isn’t leaving the place behind until as late as 9 pm.

Gustavo Martinez suggests to young entrepreneurs that they need to learn how to listen to others but they also need to learn how to learn from others. There is always something that can be learned and keeping an open ear and open mind are critical elements to being able to constantly learn. These are principles that have served Gustavo Martinez well over the course of his long career in major positions within the advertising and marketing industry.

Gustavo Martinez is known as an individual with a wealth of different ideas. He is not someone that is afraid to take up a stance that is contrary to what many might believe.

He is particularly outspoken about his position on charity. Gustavo Martinez is a huge proponent of philanthropy and loves to give back, but he believes people should do it for the sake of charity and not more so for the sake of advertising. Though many disagree with him on this point, this is something that Gustavo strongly believes.

One piece of advice that Gustavo Martinez is noted for giving out is in regard to the topic of growing a business. He points out the fact that a huge difference maker for him has always been to make sure he is hiring the best possible candidates to fill positions that he has.

It is always worth it to invest in the best talent that you can find as it pays off greatly in the long run with helping your business to grow. Gustavo has utilized this particular principle to great effect in the businesses that he has built over the years. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

A major project that Gustavo Martinez is currently involved in is known as UV Business Acceleration. In this venture, he is trying to help startup companies to get past many of the pitfalls that they face in their early years.

The fact that as much as ninety percent of startups fail is enough to intimidate many aspiring entrepreneurs. This is why Gustavo is trying to help with this latest project. The extensive experience that Gustavo has been able to lend is making a big difference with the startups that he currently works with.

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