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Jacob Gottlieb- A titan in the healthcare investment sector is back

Jacob Gottlieb, the former CIO at Visium Asset Management is a man with an excellent reputation in the investment sector, since 1998, he has been working as an investor in the healthcare sector. Investors trust him for the work he has done in the past two decades. H has helped many investors to create wealth through his unique abilities to spot opportunities. Although Visium later ran into problems in 2016 when it was shut down, the company has had a significant impact in the lives of the people who have worked with it. Right now, Gottlieb is on the process of building another form which he hopes will be as successful as Visium.

Jacob Gottlieb has always focused on working with the best minds in the industry. He creates a recruitment process that focuses on natural abilities and works ethics rather than just academic qualifications. He conducts the training and ensures that they are fit for the job. He also understands the psychological challenge that many employees in this industry face and therefore he loves to work with a psychologist to help such employees. It is with such leadership that Visium had managed to grow its wealth from $300 million to $8 billion within one year.

Even after the collapse of Visium Asset Management, Jacob Gottlieb remains untainted by what happened in the company. He has moved on to create another company which he will use to invest. He has also chosen to work with Stuart Weisbrod who once hired at Merlin BioMed Corp. The combination of these two experts is expected to be of great significance in the industry. Gottlieb is ready to build his career again and work with experts who have a reputation.

Before he joined this industry, he was influenced by the careers of his parents. His father was a professor of economics and his mother a physician. He decided to combine the two and took a degree in economics from Brown University and a degree in medicine from New York University Medical School. He practiced for a short time in the medical sector before he left for the Wall Street.