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Slyce Mobile Commerce Application

Slyce is the most advanced product search display place that enables users to identify and purchase instantly the products that they see in person by merely taking a photo of what they see with their smartphone. Slyce is existing as a white label solution and as an independent consumer application that integrates with the existing retailer technologies. Using this advanced graphic and product recognition technology that is available in both the desktop application and both smartphones, Slyce enables retailers to be available at the customer’s point of interest. It is done while viewing items that in images on their preferred sharing site.

Slyce was founded with a keen eye to create and improve better ways to have things done in the online market. The founders thought of developing an application that can recognize images taken of goods and products and search through the Amazon and directly purchase the goods. Slyce was formed initially as a consumer technology firm, and while this consumer element still exists, the company to services that are substantial B2B Market. The companies’ marketing drive takes a primary position around building relationships and partnerships with prominent consumer brands and providing our technology as a malleable m-commerce solution. The brand marketing is entirely focused on funding, strengthening and developing relationships with retail brands.

Slyce marketing opportunity is hugely enormous. M-commerce through current generation smartphones has become the major flow of revenue and a primary focus to retailers. During the holiday season, mobile shopping has accounted for over thirty 39 percent of online traffic. Slyce creates an intuitive and seamless way for consumers to purchase and discover the things they like and love. Customers find whatever they want and wherever they are, simply by taking images. Slyce makes the Avenue from impulsive liking to ownership painless and simple. Slyce technology enables retailers to be there for their customers at the point of inspiration and fulfill their needs anywhere they may be. It makes an undoubtable attractive and compelling proposition.

Slyce identified that it was not just about being good in search. The firm tried to push the wrapping further to a more complicated step by taking the users from the point of discovery to the point of purchase. Slice is ahead for the sole reason that it not only helps users find what they are looking for but also help them get linked to the retailers providing the products by forming an independent consumer application. The company takes advantage of different streams of revenue to propel the business forward. It takes the sides of both the enterprise solution and the consumer standpoint. The firm works with the business clients so as to offer a purchase platform and a visual search for their e-commerce needs.