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Barbara Stokes Career in Project Management

Barbara Stokes is a career woman who has so many titles. Many people who have had the opportunity to interact with Stokes say that she is a businesswoman, developer and executive who has a lot of expertise in project management. The businesswoman is highly respected for being successful in a career that is dominated by men in the society. Barbara studied at the prestigious Mercer University, and this explains her skills in project management. When at the university, the career woman learned a lot about physical and biomedical engineering, a subject that has been studied by men for a long time. After finishing her education, the successful developer decided to work for several organizations so that she could sharpen her skills. Some of these companies include Pisces Corporation. In her career life, Barbara Stokes has had an opportunity to partner with some of the largest organizations in the world such as FEMA and the General Services Administration. Being part in these institutions has helped the businesswoman to have a lot of knowledge in managing government contracts. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

When growing up, Barbara Stokes was always looking forward for some of the tough subjects. Her teacher and parents knew that the young girl was going to become successful, and this is why they decided to invest heavily in her education. By the time she was ready to join the university, Barbara was already aware of the kind of career she was interested in. The support she received from her family and friends has been vital for her career life. In one of the interviews conducted by a leading platform, the businesswoman says that she is always looking forward to making an impact in the lives of the people she comes across because this is how her career life changed. Follow Barbara Stokes on

At the moment, Barbara Stokes is working as the president of a large company that is known as Green Structure Homes Delivered. As the leader of the large corporation, the businesswoman has been instrumental in introducing positive changes. Under her leadership, people, especially those who are dealing with disasters have been given the assistance they need to start their lives and live happily. Getting to such a high ranking position in the society has never been a walk in the park for anyone, especially a woman who is working in a male dominated society. Although things have always been complicated from the start, the businesswoman has worked hard to acquire her position, and she does not regret her career life.