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Unfair Eviction of Nuns Running San Francisco Soup Kitchen

No one knows the cost of helping the poor more than nuns in San Francisco. The soaring rent prices there have made it difficult for anyone less than wealthy to afford housing or even food. To help the community, Jon Urbana and a group of Denver nuns work tirelessly in a soup kitchen run off of donations and a small income earned from the sale of baked goods that they sell at a local market.

Because they cannot afford separate housing, the nuns sleep in a spare room in the back of the soup kitchen. Though the building they live in and use as a soup kitchen is modest, they are charged well over three thousand dollars a month for renting it.

As if that price wasn’t already high enough, they now face possible eviction because of an enormous recent rent hike, which will increase their monthly price to pay about fifty percent. With such limited funds available, there is a chance that the soup kitchen might be closed down for good. Hopefully, a prayed for miracle will arrive to help turn their situation around and save the soup kitchen.