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Fabletics Gets Customer Attention With New Stores


The customer is always right. That is the old adage that is often associated with the relationship between customers and people that are selling merchandise. Customers were excited about the website for Fabletics, but many customers have said that they wanted to see a local store coming to their town. Kate Hudson was listening intently, and was wise to listen to what customers were saying about new stores. There won’t be a store on every block, but Kate Hudson definitely has her sites on 100 stores in the next 5 years. That is the speed of light type of growth that Fabletics is presenting. Many customers are impressed with this type of gear that Fabletics has for working out. This has sparked a level of growth that is utterly amazing.

So many celebrities have tried to start companies, but many of these companies have failed to attract the crowds that could sustain the brands. Kate Hudson realized that a brand like Fabletics could stand without any help from her own name. She didn’t see the need to saturate the brand with star power. She does model the clothes, but Hudson didn’t want to be the sole person that was locked into the brand. There are other people behind the brand. She knows that they are all equal stakeholders. She also realizes just how important it is for the brand to carry on even when she is out of the spotlight.

The opening of 100 stores is a true display of how this company is catching the attention of a growing crowd. The thing that makes this a monumental event is the way that this company is able to compete with others as more stores open. There are more than 17,000 Twitter follows for Fabletics and the Facebook Fabletics page is gaining a lot of attention as well.

The variety of yoga pants and leggings are making females go on and check out the website, but the stores play another part in the equation. Women will often shop and work out in groups. When it comes to going to a gym it will often take two people that are willing to motivate one another to keep their membership current.

Fabletics is connecting customers to stores that are going to give people access to clearance sales and holiday sales. This expansion through the physical stores will usher in a new crowd of customers that are able to see and try on some of the garments.
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