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Niranjan Shah: Globetrotter and Philanthropist

Niranjan Shah is the founder of Globetrotters International, Inc., an architecture and engineering firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Globetrotters also provide consulting services and construction management services. Niranjan Shah grew up in India, where there was no electricity and no running water. Despite this, Niranjan Shah earned his bachelor of engineering degree from a university in India. Niranjan Shah immigrated to the U.S. and earned a Master’s degree in civil engineering. After this, in 1972, Chicago became Niranjan Shah’s home where he later founded Globetrotters engineering Corporation and was its only employee.

Globetrotter engineering Corporation has since grown to over 200 employees and is a prominent engineering firm in the United States. Niranjan Shah earned professional licenses from Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois. He has since complemented engineering education with management training from Harvard Business School.

Niranjan Shah is involved in politics and philanthropy. His involvement in philanthropy is based on providing to those who are less fortunate than he. Niranjan Shah involves himself in giving to the community, both in the United States and India. He has been involved in several fundraising activities for the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel. In 1994, Bill Clinton appointed him to the Goldwater Foundation for Excellence in Technical Education. He was subsequently nominated by President Clinton to the Institute of Building Science.

Mr. Shaw has received awards for his philanthropic and civic contributions, with the awards being from the United States and India. These awards include the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award. The Indian president said Niranjan Shah has made India proud and increased Indian and American prestige throughout the world.

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Serge Belamant Sees Even Bigger Things For Blockchain

Blockchain technology is being used by some of the biggest names in e-commerce well beyond just for cryptocurrency. In fact, even though blockchain is probably best known for in its use in cryptocurrency, it got its start in financial transactions through the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card from Net1 and Serge Belamant. Over the years, Serge Belamant has become known to many as the father of blockchain, a technology that is getting much more popular today in order to add security to many different types of transactions and processes. He teamed up with Visa back in 1995 when he and Net1 were approached by the company to help them implement the technology in a smart card that would help them become more transparent.

After being approached by Visa, he made the decision to move to the United States in order to be able to access all of the tools that he needed to complete the project successfully. While this was a big change from South Africa, he has managed to achieve a lot in the United States and some of his creations such as the Cash Payment Services are still being used by South Africa, Russia, and other countries. In 1999, Serge Belamant sold the Cash Payment Services creation to the First National Bank of South Africa. This system helps distribute welfare payments throughout the countries that use it. Stafford Thomas, a respected journalist, called Serge Belamant IT’s version of Henry Ford because of ju7st how secure, fast, and efficient the system was.

While Serge Belamant may have left Net1 back in 2017, he is still involved with the world of tech and financial institutions. He co-founded the company known as Zilch Technology Limited with his son who is also involved in the world of computer science, Philip. He is still actively involved with the company in order to create more ways for blockchain to be used in cryptocurrency along with other software in the banking industry. Through his hard work, the computer scientist and entrepreneur has been able to do great things with blockchain and only time will tell just what else it can be used for.

Jason Hope Brings the Internet of Things to the Airline Industry

When you wake up in the morning, how much of your life is going to follow the path laid out for it by the internet? The internet has taken over our lives in a good way – bringing efficiency and automation to areas that could use it. Jason Hope, a world renowned futurist and entrepreneur, has been touting the Internet of Things as the next great industry and we can’t help but get on board. The Internet of Things essentially encapsulates the idea of automation in our daily lives, thanks to connection with the internet.

Jason Hope looks to the airline industry as a place where the Internet of Things is already coming together to change the way we live our lives. He points out how Virgin Atlantic and their Boeing 787s are a prime example of safety, developed by the Internet of Things. the Boeing 787 jets are all connected to the internet, every piece of the airplane body is interfaced in real time with a wireless network that constantly monitors it for safety. If something goes wrong with the plane, people will know almost immediately. This is huge and a real example of the industry catering to the IoT in order to enhance their own safety and abilities. If you want to learn more about him : Click here.

More than just safety, Hope believes that the Internet of Things can come about and make great change in the realm of customer service. While certain airlines currently suffer from PR battles, others will look to the Internet of Things in order to greatly improve the experience of their customers. Hope points out the ability of personalized travel where airports are lined with devices to help keep you going in the right direction, stop you from getting lost, and get you where you want to go on time. Customer service will also be improved by an easier check in and boarding process, thanks to the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is urging corporations to buy in now, for the Internet of Things is coming.

Jason Hope’s Beliefs As a Futurist

Jason Hope has made a major name for himself as an entrepreneur. However, one of the areas that he has worked the most in is being a futurist. He has worked as someone who has looked at and has commented on the latest tech trends. He is also someone who makes a prediction of the best step forward towards the future.

One topic that has caught his attention and is making a major difference in the world as far as he is concerned is the Internet of Things. He is very fascinated about what this type of technological advancement can do.

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As a writer, he has written on the topic of the Internet of Things to a very large extent at He has had a lot to say about this new advancement. As a matter of fact, he has called it the greatest advancement in the technological industry. For one thing, the internet itself has done a lot more than offer entertainment and education, it has offered a lot of job opportunities for people as well as opportunities for people to more easily build their business. The Internet of Things promises to offer even more to the customer so that they will be able to experience a greater way of life.

Jason Hope has seen how the internet has made life easier for people. The internet has become a full digital world with full businesses being created online. Many people who have found it difficult to get work have found plenty of job opportunities that they can take part in over the computer. This is one of the best things that the internet has done for users. One could hope that the Internet of Things is going to bring forth some similar advancements and opportunities for people. Jason Hope is definitely going to talk about the new developments as they come.

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Eric Pulier : Renowned and Remarkable

Eric Pulier is an extremely successful entrepreneur, technical engineer, author, public speaker as well as a philanthropist. He has established more than 15 companies and has raised millions of dollars for business ventures he launched or helped support. These days, he lives in Los Angeles with his four children.

Early Years…

Living in Teaneck, New Jersey as a child, Mr. Pulier showed his natural ability for technology by programming computers in fourth grade. Later on, he created a computer organization in high school. After leaving high school, he attended Harvard as well as studied courses at MIT. He received his BA and graduated with honors.

Achieving Goals…

In 1991, Eric instituted a company called People Doing Things (PDT). Its object was to utilize technology to speak to health and education problems. Several years later, he addressed the issue of chronically ill children being able to network with those with similar maladies. His efforts produced Starbright World, an organization in which kids could post messages, blog and chat through video conferencing, resulting in them feeling less isolated.

He came upon the world stage in 1998, thanks to former President Clinton and Vice President Gore, who selected Mr. Pulier to take charge of the multi-day phenomenon named “Bridge to the 21st Century.”

Exhibits displayed on the National Mall, located in Washington D.C. brought thousands of people, senators, congressional representatives and even U.S. Supreme Court justices were at the event. But more importantly, he was able to provide a live-feed and interact with the astronauts on the Space Shuttle. At that time, this type of technology had never been realized!

The occasion depicted how computer science and communications technologies would influence our lives. These areas included health care, family, education, entertainment and space expeditions.

Eric still support and work with the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation.

Charity Work…

Mr. Pulier is involved in donating money, time and energy to numerous charities such as – US Doctors for Africa: This program uses technology in answer to health care demands in Africa. The Painted Turtle: He is heavily invested in summer camp for children with chronic and life-threatening disabilities. Campaign for Free College Tuition: He is a contributor and partner for granting free college to all Americans. This is just a small sampling of what Eric Pulier has accomplished, he is not your average businessman – he is more like Superman.

Advanced Big Data Technology Delivered by Securus

Securus Technologies has ascended to another level in their criminal justice technology solutions. Securus Technologies is a 30 year old company with its main headquarters in Dallas Texas. They specialize in inmate and prison communication technology. In late December, 2015, Securus released an upgraded software platform to its already state of the art analytical system, to track “Big Data.” The upgrade is called THREADS 3.1. Full story covered by PR newswire.
One major highlight to the advanced THREADS 3.1 operating system, is the direct integration between THREADS 3.1 and other Securus products, specifically SCP, or Secure Call Platform. SCP is a call management system that provides instant facility, on-site control on all inmate communications and inmate activities, that can assist in ongoing investigations of suspicious activity.

The relevance of this technology can be appreciated by reading the testimonials on the Securus America website, One testimonial describes the elimination of a long standing criminal organization, smuggling drugs into the prison facility by using SCP.

The ability of THREADS 3.1 to listen to Secure Call Platform calls and to receive guided real-time analysis and context sensitive reports, allows investigators to recognize call pattern habits of certain inmates, that can link criminal activity inside and outside the prison’s walls. SCP, one of the industries best, most innovative tool, just got better.

Apart from the advantages to law enforcement, Securus Technologies, helps connect inmates and their loved ones through their Video Visitation options. This amazing technology comes in 2 forms, both described to save time waiting in long lines at the prison facility.

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First is the On-site Video Visitation option which is very similar to a normal visitation where the inmate and the family member sit on opposite sides of the glass, but in this case, the interaction is through video at the prison. The benefit is that a time is scheduled in advance and wait time is eliminated.

Secondly, Securus offers the option for Video Visitation from the comfort of the family’s home. The obvious advantages to this process is that the family members don’t have to drive to the prison, saving time and money. One additional plus is that this process saves the inmate’s family the exposure to the negative aspects of prison, which may be desirable, especially when children are involved.

Securus Technologies is already servicing more than 3000 facilities and 1.2 million inmates and their families across North America. Their commitment is to serve, connect and make our world a safer place to live.

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