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How Andy Wirth Brought More Business to Squaw Valley

Taking charge of an established company that isn’t performing to its full potential is always a challenge because it becomes a matter of changing what’s already been set in place. Andy Wirth faced this challenge when he took over as CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings in 2010, but he has proved over and over again that a little innovation can go a long way in revving the business and reputation of a company. Wirth didn’t stop with Squaw Valley though, he understood that in order for the one company to succeed and realize business growth, the entire community needed to grow right along with it.

In just a year in his position, Andy Wirth entirely changed that pace of things at Squaw Valley Ski, which was just beginning to undergo an already planned for renovation. Improvements didn’t end there though, as Wirth was able to work out a deal with the neighboring ski resort, merging the two companies and managing them both under Squaw Valley Holdings. This move was vital for the success of both resorts, gave tourists more options that they have taken advantage of, and gave the resorts the ability to grow in ways they were unable to do prior to the merge.

Always looking to the community, Andy began to look at the tourist industry in order to find ways in which everyone could work together to increase tourism to the area. Reno is known for its resorts, gambling, and entertainment, but has never quite grown as fast or steadily as other tourist destinations with the same industries. In 2013 Wirth joined the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority, an appointed position in which his role was to attract more industry to the area and build partnerships with airlines and hospitality providers.

Most recently, Wirth has been appointed by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority to sit as the chairman on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, a position he will serve in while continuing to serve as CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows CEO. In this position Wirth will focus on the growth and enhancement of the area’s airport, the airlines that serve it, or that the airport wants to attract, and ways in which to serve an increasing number of travelers that come through the area. By improving the airport and its service, Wirth knows that this will lead to improvements within his own resorts and the surrounding businesses in order to create a steady flow of tourists that seek Reno as their annual ski and winter destination for years to come.