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Job Description and Duties of Competent Vintners

According to the new survey carried out by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), wine is a favorite alcoholic drink for a whopping 60 percent of UK adults. These statistics indicate that more than half of UK adults prefer wine to other alcoholic beverages, totaling to more than 30 million of regular consumers of wine in the nation.

The UK wine sector, which comprises of an ever-increasing number of vineyards, is arguably the biggest and most influential globally. The UK Wine industry as is valued at £17.3 billion, supports close to 270,000 jobs, and adds £8.6 billion to the public finances on a yearly basis.

What are the Responsibilities of UK Vintners?

UK vintners are responsible for the whole process of making wine, starting from grape harvesting to bottling. They may be in charge of overseeing the operation of grape cultivators and laboratory technicians. UK vintners must have an in-depth mastery of grapes, growing areas, local production, as well as marketing regulations. Employers may prefer vintners who hold a degree in the field of viticulture.

Vintners’ Job Description

UK vintner also called an enologist or winemaker supervises the complete winemaking process, such as harvesting of grapes, crushing, fermentation, blending, filtering, storage, and bottling. They leverage scientific principles coupled with practical expertise to change the chemical composition of wine and make important decisions depending on the levels of sugar, acid and sulfate within the wine.

Tips for Becoming a Vintner

A career in the winemaking sector does not have strict educational requirements. A perfect sense of smell, taste, and a comprehensive knowledge of a variety of grapes and ideal growing locations are essential skills. Individuals interested in building their winemaking career can master the various features of the job by beginning as cellar assistants.

Pursuing an undergraduate program in enology, viticulture, or, in some instance, food sciences can offer an educational basis required for working in a winery. Applicable courses range from chemistry, agricultural technology, biology, and sensory assessment of wine.

Buying Wine Online

Wine enthusiasts and other consumers are preferring to purchase wine UK online due to the simplicity and cost-effective advantages associated with the purchase procedure. Established UK wine merchants operate websites that offer an opportunity for interested individuals to acquire wine through the online avenue. Buyers should shop around for sites that display a wide variety of wine at reasonable prices. They should register as members, provide their geographical locations, place orders, and pay for them using their credit cards or other options offered by the merchant.

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