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Privinvest Is A Shipbuilder That Has Earned A Good Reputation

Businesses and military services can trust Privinvest to build a ship that they would be proud to sail.

Privinvest, a global shipbuilding group, focuses on building technologically innovative ships as well as high-end ships. It also builds commercial, naval vessels and mega yachts. It was started about 20 years by Akram Safa and his brother, Iskandar Safa.

The main headquarters can be found in the Middle East, Other branches of Privinvest can be in the Mediterranean, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. All these branches are state of the art and have a staff that has unique, diverse skills.

Privinvest has about 2,500 staff members that are located all over the world. They spend every day designing and constructing commercial and naval vessels, supplying integrated systems, and creating support systems for naval fleets. They help countries by supplying them with technology that should help them build their own ships.

For about 20 years, this company have successfully completed major contracts using their facilities and staff around the world. The staff was able to build ships that are considered to be well-designed, well-built and well-engineered. Some of their ships are well-known, especially the Sailing Yacht that was recently built. Their completed ships have gained them the confidence of the company’s stakeholders and a really good reputation. They are well-regarded by the shipping industry partly due to being to their clients’ needs and demands in a timely fashion.

Privinvest does want to get increasingly involved in environmental issues. They want to be known as a responsible company. Privinvest’s Research and Development department has focused on such Marine Renewable Energies as the turbine, hydrokinetic industry.

The shipyards of this company have built about 2,000 vessels and one of their ships can be found 20 naval services throughout the world. Recently, it has creating ships for non-NATO and major NATO navies.

Privinvest has a proven record of making quality and a company or navy should have no problem picking them as a shipbuilder.

Niranjan Shah Leads by Example in the Corporate World

Niranjan Shah is a renowned entrepreneur, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Globetrotters Engineering Corp, a leading engineering and architecture firm in the country. Additionally, he has been recognized widely for his philanthropic endeavors. Shah received a full scholarship to pursue engineering in the University of Mississippi.

 When the story of Niranjan Shah is told, you wouldn’t imagine an Indian hailing from a poor village which did not have electricity and water would one day be having breakfast in the White House. Today, he has been to the White House several times in the capacity of a big Democratic Party fund raiser. He has been recognized for his work as the consulting engineering as well as construction management firm’s head. Shah is part of the Indians in America who contributes immensely to the economy of the country through ownership of motels and other big businesses. It is estimated that 40% of motels in the country are owned by Americans of Indian descent.

 Niranjan Shah has built a good reputation delivering great projects, a thing that has made his firm earn consecutive construction contracts from the government. Actually, his firm has received projects worth millions of dollars from the government. In all the projects, the engineering firm has never been paid for work never done or delivered shoddy work. In return, he has been issuing huge contributions. The engineering firm does not put pressure on any one to be awarded contracts. However, he would not like it when a person discriminates against him. He has been the Chairman of the U of Trustees and if asked, it is an achievement he is always proud of. During his tenure at U of Trustees, he promoted excellence immensely. Most of the people who have had the privilege of working for or with Niranjan Shah say that he is a man of intelligence, integrity and ability.

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Smita Shah Discusses Herself And The Importance Of Engineering

About a year ago, Smita Shah, the president, and CEO of Spaan, appeared on the Steve Cochran Show. She talked about engineering and why it was so important. She also talked about herself, in regards to what she has been doing in engineering, tech, science, and math. 

She started off by saying she launched a tech company just two years after she graduated from MIT with a Master’s Degree. Smita Shah said that the worse thing that would have happened would be she’d fail, while the best thing would be something would come out of it. The businesswoman described herself as being a nerd when she was younger, and she was one of the few girls who were interested in STEM. 

Smita Shah’s company is an engineering/tech company. In her interview, she discussed how her company builds bridges and helps with projects that result in increased energy efficiency, such as installing solar roofs. However, she does believe that more people should become interested in pursuing engineering. 

More About Smita Shah

Smita Shah launched her company SPAAN Tech in 1998, and her company focuses on tackling technical projects via alternative solutions. Her business was recognized as being one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine, and her company has won a number of awards. 

She is a businesswoman who specializes in program management, construction management, and engineering. She possesses a number of credentials, such as LEED AP BD+C. She is also a Professional Engineer and has the credentials to back her up. She is licensed to do engineering in several states. 

As for education, she has an impressive educational background. She has studied and earned degrees and qualifications from some of the most notable schools in the world. This includes Oxford University and Northwestern University. She also earned a degree from MIT in Massachusetts. Learn more:

She is currently the Vice Chairman at Chicago Plan Commission, and she has held the position for over 10 years. Smita Shah serves on the board of directors of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, as well as serves as a Board Director of Chicago Sister Cities International. 

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Marc Beer

Marc Beer has worked in the medical field for over two decades. During that time, Marc has contributed to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the development of small medical companies. Marc has made inventions as well as advancement in technology. Recently, LumeNXT employed him to become the head of the board members. Before that, Marc has held executive positions at various health care companies. Marc operated at ViaCell as the CEO. Under his leadership, the firm became a tremendously developing commercial center. Marc has been a part of ViaCell from when it started to become a large organization. Marc managed to make the firm public in 2005, and by 2007 Perkin Elmer purchased the company.

Marc also operated at Erytech Pharma as a member of the board, and at Genzyme as the vice president of global marketing. At Genzyme, his principal role was to announce new treatments of rare conditions. Marc also worked under sales and marketing at Abbott Laboratories. Other than the mentioned, he established Renovia Inc. Renovia is a pharmaceutical firm that primarily deals with pelvic floor condition. Marc wanted to help out women suffering from the disease; he wanted to improve their lives, therefore, he created Renovia to come up with viable treatment options.

LumeNXT is a surgical device company that is designing light emitting diodes illumination devices for use during operations. The advanced technological equipment developed by the company will make surgery more straightforward and more flexible. The tools will also improve precision during surgery. The surgery illumination devices are for use in minimally invasive procedures. LumeNXT has created a platform for use in lowering energy consumption to enhance accuracy in results after surgery, to make operations smooth and easy, and to enhance the visibility of organs.

Marc Beer is happy about his new role at LumeNXT; he is looking forward to working with his team of medical experts. Marc has a team of professionals in surgical illumination, who know the LumeNXT technology. The professionals will use the devices to perform surgery with the utmost care. Marc Beer has confidence in LumeNXT technology; he believes that with time, more medical firms will make use of the surgical illumination equipment. According to Marc, as more companies make use of minimally invasive surgical procedures, they will acquire the need to use illumination technology.

Marc has previously worked with uprising firms and has been with them each step of the way. His high success rates with start-ups make him a suitable candidate to work at LumeNXT. Marc leads small institutions and guides them in each step of the development journey. Through his leadership, most of these start-ups grow to become large, well-performing institutions. Paul Rhyne, the co-founder of LumeNXT, has faith in Marc’s abilities to bring positive results. Learn more:

Agera Energy’s Energy Deregulation Plan Adopted by many Homeowners

Many home owners have myriad of ideas while it comes to the energy supply in their homes. However, it becomes a tough decision to decide the best supplier of energy in their homes. Through the deregulation of the energy utilities plan by Agera Energy, clients in different states in the U.S has started to have options from where they can put down their checklists. There are several states where energy consumption is regulated hence having a single supplier of electricity. Consequently, the prices are at most regulated or fixed by the governments giving them no options to choose from. Read more about Agera Energy on

Nevertheless, there is no regulation in some states thus looking for the greener energy, natural gas as well as renewable energy to mention a few. Agera Energy comes in here where clients have options and offers them with a vast of efficient energy solutions through the Pure Wind Plan. Additionally, they are deriving their energy from wind farms that are certified by the states governments. For many decades now, customers have been demanding to have sustainable energy options as Agera Energy have been there to see that their demands are met. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Agera Energy is today offering solutions to clients through the provision of a myriad of natural gas and other electricity options. To be noted, the services offered by Agera are cost-effective to clients such that they don’t have to pour out their capitals on same electricity solutions. According to Kerry Cassidy, Agera energy spokesperson, the company is helping its consumers in the different states make smarter choices.

Maarten De Jeu: Grow and Learn with the MSI and Farrell Fellowship

The Museum of Science and Industry is the biggest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and they were able to utilize the internship of Farrell Fellowship to help the youth engage in scientific and technical learning. The internship allowed teenagers across Chicago to be productive during the summer for more than five weeks. It will help them develop their public speaking skills, enhance their knowledge in science, and develop their leadership skills. They are expected to handle and manage interactive science activities inside the museum and throughout the community before the program ends. Five years ago, 40 teenagers were able to collaborate and educate their audience about the history and chemistry of bubbles. They visited over 15 public libraries across the state and taught other people about what they have learned. The participants in the program were able to teach the younger generation to build objects such as carnival tents made out of newspaper and how to launch rockets.

The Managing Partner and Founder of the SVM Business Advisory is known as Maarten De Jeu. He is notable for being a strategic financial and business advisor who specializes in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, project management, and more. De Jeu and his corporate background have enabled him to succeed in financial services, insurance, commercial real estate investments, and international business transactions. He is based in Chicago and a lot of people look up to him because of his extensive skills, outstanding strategies, and strong abilities. Maarten De Jeu has extensive expertise with international business networks in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has a piece of in-depth knowledge about international cultural and institutional settings.

In addition to this, he has been a financial advisor to a number of start-up businesses, high net worth individuals, big organizations, and senior executives. People were able to see the intelligence and expertise of Maarten De Jeu when it comes to making decisions and building effective plans. He helped companies and start-ups to grow and to evolve by sharing his pieces of advice and strategic insights. Maarten De Jeu has experienced working as a Management Consultant, Analyst, Senior Associate, Director of Corporate Development, and more.

Working for companies has enabled him to develop numerous strategies and initiatives for the growth of a company particularly in Asia and Europe. He is held accountable for various business portfolio reviews, assessment of unique business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions support, and the overall strategic planning of a business. Maarten De Jeu is an asset who knows how to successfully lead a company by thinking of strategies that are beneficial and advantageous in the long run. Successful companies in Asia and Europe who have been working with De Jeu are now industry giants. Learn more:

Robert Ivy Is The Best Architect Of The 21st century

Robert Ivy currently lives in the Colombian district of Washington USA. He is a very successful icon in the architectural industry. Due to his exceptional leadership skills, Robert Ivy has garnered some awards throughout his career life. Here is much about him and his career development.

Career development

He became the editor in chief of the Architectural Record. It was in 1996 after his graduation from the University of the South Sewanee with Bachelor’s degree in arts. At McGraw-Hill construction Media, he became the editorial director and vice president. This company comprised of Green Source which is in charge of China, SNAP, HQ Magazine, sweets, Sustainable Design magazines.

Robert Ivy was later appointed as a juror on the panel which selected Frank Gehry to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. He has also worked as the principal at Dale/Dean, Ivy, and Dean and as a critic for several national publications for over 15 years since 1981. He is currently a senior member of the Design Futures Council.

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Robert Ivy’s awards

Architectural Record garnered several publishing honors. It was due to the great leadership of Robert. These awards are national magazine Award for the General Excellence, American Society of Magazine editors, the premier magazine journalism award among many others.

Robert received the Crain Award in 2009. It is an American Business Media’s highest individual recognition. He was also awarded McGraw-Hill honor for Management Excellence.

Ivy was voted by the national architecture fraternity as “Master Architect” due to his effectiveness in the communication of the design value.

He also shares the designation with Dr. Nathan Clifford Ricker. Ricker is an Icon and the first graduate of the American school of architecture. The others are Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller. He is among the best seven to be awarded this honor for the last 100year. He is currently the best architect in the 21st century.

Besides the awards, Robert Ivy has written several books that have been published in significant publishers. He wrote “Fay Jones: Architect” which was published in 2001. This biography is now on its third edition. The highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.” Among many others.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Since 1903, Hyland’s has seen the value of using homeopathic remedies for basic needs. Known for helping relieve teething babies and their families, Hyland’s began work on this pain suffered by the littlest people in 1925.

Tablets are one of the easiest forms of medication for a baby to use, and Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets make that teething relief easy for baby and for mom. Tablets are convenient to throw in a diaper bag or keep in a cabinet and can be given anywhere, at any time.

Teething can cause a baby to be grumpy and restless, but with use of these homeopathic tablets, families can enjoy the milestone of teething more, rather than dread it. Hyland’s homeopathic tablets can help give baby relief from swelling, irritation, and discomfort that is so common when teeth are breaking through their gums.

Because Hyland’s believes in homeopathic treatments, families can rest assured that baby is getting the best and fastest relief without the use of dangerous ingredients. These ingredients are specially chosen to be assured that only the symptoms that baby has are treated and that ingredients are used in the smallest amount possible in order work.

Hyland’s is a family company, and because family is so important in the work that they do, they know how important family is to their customers, as well. These Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets can help families enjoy one another more during the stressful time that baby has while teething, and do so in a manner that families can be confident in. Hyland’s Teething Tablets work to assist baby’s needs.

Treatment from Neurocore Brain Center

Depression can creep upon anyone at anytime, it doesn’t discriminate. Depression is one of the most popular mental illnesses that occurs in the United States. Roughly about 16 million adults are affected by depression. Major depression cases have been found mostly in women, and most adults who do have the mental illness do not seek out for help. Depression is a major issue throughout the United States, more funding and research is still being done to try and slow down the mental illness.

While many things can cause depression, there is no single factor that causes it. Usually stressful events in adults lives can cause the mental issue. Events such as, losing a job, going through a divorce, being in an abusive relationship, and financial issues. These issues can cause adults to shut down and lose their self-esteem. Once depression has you sucked in, it’s hard to get back out of the slump. Some of the symptoms of depression include but are not limited to, lack of appetite, getting no sleep or sleeping too much throughout the day, not being able to have a social life, and sometimes adults can’t even bathe themselves. This mental illness affects every day lives!

There are many different types of disorders as well. There is major depressive disorder, persistent depressive order, postpartum depressive order, and seasonal depressive disorder. All these disorders have something in common, they make adults incapable of doing their normal daily activities.

This is when organizations get involved and try to help. At Neurocore Brain Center, they are focused on you and only you. They run multiple tests and assessments to get down to the core of the symptoms you’re having. With their high technology, they are able to compute information that your brain gives them which able’s them to create your own specialized program that will work to improve your brain for a healthier long living life.

Neurocore it set up with very advanced technology! They are able to place sensors on the patient so they can keep track of the brain’s electrical activity. This is another option they do to help specialize the client their own specific program.

Dr. Chris Villanueva Expalins How MB2 Dental Makes a Difference in Dentistry Services

Dr. Chris Villanueva, the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental, explained how the dentistry services network is making a difference in the way the dental clinics and hospitals work. He says that the servicing firm is founded to add something new to the field that is not just focusing on the margins. Through the network, Dr. Villanueva offers support, autonomy, personal growth, and great freedom to the dental clinics. Its services are making clinics to be smarter and efficient to address the patient needs in a better manner. MB2 Dental also brings the latest developments and innovations in the dentistry to the clinics for ensuring better patient care. Dr. Villanueva has both clinical and management experience, and that helped him to understand the challenges faced by dentists and clinics.

He ensures that MB2 Dental offers services characterizing shared best practices, economies of scale, CE availability, state of the art technology, ownership, less bureaucracy, and more. Dr. Villanueva thinks that hiring right people is important for any venture, and that leaves room for advancement. He is very excited by the shaping of technology in the recent years, especially in the dentistry. Dr. Villanueva looks out for every technology that can make the patient experience better. He asks all the new entrepreneurs to give time themselves for self-reflection. Dr. Chris Villanueva advocates people to be productive and use the time efficiently even if they are going for a vacation. He understands that most of the businesses are built on people, and right people in the right place can ensure smooth and consistent services at the end of the day.

Dr. Villanueva reminds that he founded MB2 Dental and set its business services without any strings attached. It should be noted that the firm expanded into the market quickly since he founded it in 2007. Currently, the network supports dentists in at least 70 locations in six states and driving them for excellence. Interestingly, it also got an increase in the employee count to 533. The vision of the MB2 is that it lets the practitioners do what they are expert at – dental practice – and the firm takes care of the office management, recruitment, training, implementation of new services, customer service, finance, and more. It also works as a platform for practitioners to connect each other and collaborate in terms of practice, research, and more – an environment of learning and growing together. It also helps the clinics to improve the organic business through better business strategies and networking.