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Bring Fugitives to Jail with the Help of Securus Technologies

My job as a fugitive hunter is making sure that these criminals are back behind bars before they hurt innocent people. The issue that I have working on the fugitive task force is we have very limited resources to get a lead on these fugitives. In the past, we had a network of informants who would step up and give us information to bring these folks back to jail.


As soon as I get the word that a fugitive is on the loose, my first action is to reach out to the family and see if they are in communication with this person. We set up surveillance to make sure they are not aiding the fugitive, and then we widen the search to relatives and friends. If the fugitive is part of a gang, then we have to take different action.


My favorite resource is heading to the jail and listening in on the inmates as they talk on the phone. The old systems relied on officers figuring out what the inmates were saying, but the new inmate communication system installed in the jail by Securus Technologies has changed the way we find fugitives. This company is based in Dallas TX, and CEO Richard Smith says that he and his one thousand employees all work to the same objective, connecting and making the world a safer place for everyone.


Now as soon as I was trained to use the system and learned about the LBS software, I struck gold on the first day. The fugitive I was hunting was part of a gang, and his brothers were still behind bars and chattering about his escape. They thought we could not decipher their talk about his hiding with gang soldiers, and so did the fugitive when we rolled up on him at his hideaway that evening.


Securus Technology Partners With Purple Communication to Provide VRS to Inmates

Technological advancements are being done in the information industry, with more companies are embracing these changes. This is evident with Securus Technology. On January 1st, 2017, Securus Technology announced its partnership with Purple Communication, Inc. Being a reputable organization, Securus aims at providing the best technological solution in civil and criminal activities.

Aim of Partnering with Purple Communication

Securus teamed up with this firm to ensure that the impaired and deaf in behind bars have access to video relay service. The technology will help enhance the communication between the inmates and other parties who do not have videophones. Integrated to this video relay services is the American Sign Language translation services which will aid the deaf to communicate with other people without hearing impairment easily.

Securus Technology Efficiency

As much as GTL compares itself with Securus, the technology used by Securus is far much advanced compared to the GTL. Unlike GTL, Securus makes use of its trained technicians in their service delivery. A statement made by the Chief Executive Officer Richard A Smith claimed that most clients prefer Securus services compared to GTL services.

Offering differentiated services ranging from public safety solutions, monitoring, investigation and correction services, Securus Technology is a company with a mission. They have worked tirelessly in ensuring that inmates have equal rights despite their gender, race or condition. This is the reason behind its partnership with Purple communications.

Having been in the corrections industry for about 30 years, the company is working tirelessly in ensuring that it has provided the best out of the industry. Being the dominating firm in providing the best quality services to inmates, Securus takes advantage of the growing technology in putting back a smile on Americans. They have achieved this by making use of the modern technology in growing their business and also providing quality services that meet their customer needs.

Allegations and the Rebuttal

In the technology world, changes and new developments are constantly happening. With all the changes and new technologies, patents come into play. Holding a patent allowing a company or an individual to have the rights to create and market a specific product or service. When multiple companies are working within the same industry and are working to create the same technology, patents and who has access to them can become very competitive.


This is the case between Global Tel Link, or GTL, and Securus Technologies. GTL recently put out a press release claiming that Securus Technologies is violating many patents and that the have no rights to them. They also claim that Secures is too willing to sue anyone who challenges them.


Within days, Securus Technologies fired back and made many corrections to the press release put out by GTL. Securus went issue by issue and stated their case on how the allegation was false. They used facts and a lengthy explanation to back up every correction that they were making. Securus Technologies claims they have done nothing wrong and that they are well within their rights to be using the patents that they are using. They also stated that they are anything but sue happy and that they only bring lawsuits when they feel it is absolutely necessary. View the company profile on


All that is playing out between Securus Technologies and GTL may take many years to resolve. Patent litigation can take years to try in a court of law and Securus Technologies is ready for that battle.


Securus Continues to Modernizes Prison Technology with New Automated Forms

Securus announced in August 2016 that forms and grievance applications can now be submitted electronically on their ConnectUs platform. Each correctional Institute will decide which forms will be available, but typical forms include inmates’ requests to file grievances, medical and sign up forms. According to’s article, the automated process will save clients time and money.
Online access to forms will also improve inmate’s jail time experience. They will be able to independently file, change, view the status, accept and appeal their forms. Improved transparency of the entire process, will revolutionize communication between inmates and institutions.
Likewise, the automated process will alleviate demands made on correctional officers. Securus projects a whopping 65% savings of correctional officer’s time that previously had been spent entering, changing and filing inmate’s requests. Correctional officers will have more time to devote to the security and the safety of inmates. Institutions that have already implemented ConnectUs automated forms have reported thousands of dollars of savings in paper.


Securus is excited to provide this new service. They boast, “The Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs is an example of how we are modernizing our customers with the latest, most effective technologies.” It shows their commitment to their customers, reinforcing their return to their BBB A+ rating earlier this year.

Securus Makes the Virtual Prison Visit a Reality

Securus Technologies is the company that has been able to provide jail voicemail and video visitation. I like the jail voicemail because it allows me to receive inmate phone calls that I can listen to at any time. I think that this is a great step in the right direction, but the thing that has been the most beneficial for me and my family is the video visitation. This has been a time saver that is better than I could ever imagine.

I am a security guard in a prison system. The visitation is always a hassle for me because there are so many people to check. It is a madhouse in the prison system during this time, but the new software by Securus really cuts down on all of that. It has become a lot less stressful for me as a worker and families because they have more convenience to log on and visit at home. There are some people that want to still come down and see their families members face to face, but this is not as often, and I think that this is good.

I believe that this is the way that software is going, and I think that the correctional facilities should all go in this direction. That is a very good idea because it will eliminate a lot of the fights that sometimes break out when a visitation starts. There are lots of people that seem to know one another when a physical visitation occurs. Sometimes things have ended badly because 2 females may be visiting the same guy at the same time. I am glad that Securus Technology has created a mobile app that prevents all of this madness.

At the other end of the spectrum, I am glad that people can visit on their phones because some people are just frightened when they visit a prison. It is like they are so uncomfortable that they cannot even enjoy the time that they are visiting. I feel sorry for them, but I make sure that I tell everyone about this Securus software. It makes it so much easier to just visit without leaving their homes. I think that this is a good idea. Security has some other products that have recently been updated that we use for things like video monitoring so I knew that it wouldn’t be long before video visitation surfaced. It’s a good thing for families.