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Magfast: A Simple Charging Experience

Magfast is a company that’s offering simplicity in your charging experience. This small, Crowdsourced Company has met the demand for a more efficient charging space for all. So long are the days of bundling cords into zip ties or wrapping those wires up because we know that could cause them to short out. The chargers were designed by an everyday married couple who experienced these same woes, and wanted to attempt to do something about it. So, they got to work, and they have produced the most sought-after chargers the internet has ever seen. The amount of support Magfast has received is amazing, and almost unseen in small startup companies.

They’re offering chargers that are not only magnetic, but they’re also rapid charging so no waiting on your phone to go from 4% to 40% in four hours. They’ll get your device juiced in much less time. They’ve also made sure that the charger is compatible with any of your devices, so that you’re prepared for literally any inconvenient charging scenario you can think of. They tried to think of it all for you, though. The chargers also come in several different designs for a multitude of situations.

They have the Magfast Wall which is pretty much your standard charger without the cord, and it’s of course magnetic and convenient clean. They also designed the Magfast Life Extreme charger that is small and portable for emergency charging. The Magfast Road is pretty self-explanatory, it’s for charging on the go, but it’s apparently very powerful according to the designers. They’ve also given you the Magfast Air which is charging stand that is still wireless, so it takes up almost no space.

Magfast intends to begin shipping these out at the end of 2019.