Critque of Magic Mike

Magic Mike XXL is a film that starts with Mike Lane having been 3 years retired from his job as a stripper. Mike misses the that life because of the excitement it brought to dance and be on stage with a crowd. Mike now has to lead a life which can be mundane and boring. He also realizes that he made some of the best friends he has ever had and misses them. They used to have great times but they were also genuinely good friends.

His friends consisted of his former crew known as the Kings of Tampa. This same crew comes to Mike’s home in hopes of having him join their team so that they can attend a stripper convention. It is one of the biggest conventions in the world of male stripping and it is a huge deal but they need the special works of Mike to really be able to have a chance and prove themselves. Mike is ecstatic because this is the perfect opportunity for Mike to experience his former passion of stripping which he has been really missing but it also allows him to hang out with his friends, but will he regret this decision? Nostalgia always make one feel like the times were better than they were and so much has changed in his 3 year retirement. There also some unexpected obstacles that arise which Mike has to deal with.

The movie itself was quite comical and had a lot of good jokes. The humor of the film is done in good taste and does not rely on the gag of a male stripper to make it funny. The actors do a great job with their performances and the story line keeps you entertained. It was a good sequel for the first film and helps to answer any questions or worries fan may have had after the first film. It may not contain the suspense of, say, a horror film, but it definitely keeps the audience interested and entertained.

She has been on the show Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding and Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live. She has won an Emmy award for her work for her character Lizzie Spaulding and has built a great career of these. She owned a Pet Boutique in Clearwater, Florida which is her hometown. She has made appearances on other shows although her most known role would be as Lizzie, and she stars in the film Magic Mike as mentioned earlier.

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