Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Role in The Creation of R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a renowned business executive who currently works at Matrix as the brands Global Brand President. Matrix aka Biolage is an American professional care brand that offers a range of skincare, hair and facial care products. Over the past two years, Dan has been steering and leading the team at Matrix to design and create R.A.W.; a new, all natural, authentic range, and wholesome range of products.

In a recent interview after the official launch of R.A.W in the United States, Dan Bethelmy-Rada explained the creative process behind the brand’s new line of products and the challenges the Matrix had to overcome in the development of R.A.W.’s range of products.

According to Matrix’s Global Brand President, the idea to design, develop, and create R.A.W. stemmed from the realization that there was a spike in demand for natural products among numerous consumers across the globe. To explain this trend, Dan Bethelmy-Rada expounds on emerging consumer behavior that shows that modern-day shoppers and clients are not satisfied with items and products that are “naturally-inspired.”

A recent consumer study shows that more clients are inclining towards 100% natural products that are have been created with minimal harm to the environment. Clients also want to purchase products that are sustainable or products that have been designed, developed, and manufactured with sustainability in mind.

R.A.W., the product from Matrix was designed to respond to the growing market demands and trends. R.A.W. was born thanks to a committed approach, the support, and backing from the L’Oreal Sharing Beauty With All Program, and a holistic promise to offer unique, exceptional environmental credentials in every area from product formulation, to manufacturing, and finally, to packaging.

The team behind the development of R.A.W. made it a top priority not to compromise on the naturalness of their new range of products despite the constant and severe constraints and challenges present.

Developing unique and unrivaled products such as R.A.W. comes with key challenges since the creation of 100% natural products is an ambitious feat. One of the obstacles Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team had to overcome was both ensuring and corroborating compliance with all the critical aspects of product development from the formulation, production, and packaging.

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