Dr. Chris Villanueva Expalins How MB2 Dental Makes a Difference in Dentistry Services

Dr. Chris Villanueva, the founder and CEO of MB2 Dental, explained how the dentistry services network is making a difference in the way the dental clinics and hospitals work. He says that the servicing firm is founded to add something new to the field that is not just focusing on the margins. Through the network, Dr. Villanueva offers support, autonomy, personal growth, and great freedom to the dental clinics. Its services are making clinics to be smarter and efficient to address the patient needs in a better manner. MB2 Dental also brings the latest developments and innovations in the dentistry to the clinics for ensuring better patient care. Dr. Villanueva has both clinical and management experience, and that helped him to understand the challenges faced by dentists and clinics.

He ensures that MB2 Dental offers services characterizing shared best practices, economies of scale, CE availability, state of the art technology, ownership, less bureaucracy, and more. Dr. Villanueva thinks that hiring right people is important for any venture, and that leaves room for advancement. He is very excited by the shaping of technology in the recent years, especially in the dentistry. Dr. Villanueva looks out for every technology that can make the patient experience better. He asks all the new entrepreneurs to give time themselves for self-reflection. Dr. Chris Villanueva advocates people to be productive and use the time efficiently even if they are going for a vacation. He understands that most of the businesses are built on people, and right people in the right place can ensure smooth and consistent services at the end of the day.

Dr. Villanueva reminds that he founded MB2 Dental and set its business services without any strings attached. It should be noted that the firm expanded into the market quickly since he founded it in 2007. Currently, the network supports dentists in at least 70 locations in six states and driving them for excellence. Interestingly, it also got an increase in the employee count to 533. The vision of the MB2 is that it lets the practitioners do what they are expert at – dental practice – and the firm takes care of the office management, recruitment, training, implementation of new services, customer service, finance, and more. It also works as a platform for practitioners to connect each other and collaborate in terms of practice, research, and more – an environment of learning and growing together. It also helps the clinics to improve the organic business through better business strategies and networking.

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