Frans Schoeman’s Unrivaled Experience in the Field of Law

Frans Schoeman on was born and raised in South Africa and attended the schools in the area. Growing up, I saw the need for sound and legal representation for the local entrepreneurs. This kind of advice from a law expert was missing in a society that was facing court hearings on a daily basis. Moreover, the few lawmakers at the time would impose exorbitant charges on their clients. Despite these unnecessary charges, people continued to fall victim because they there were no alternatives.

This prompted Frans Schoeman to join the University of The Free State where I studied law. While pursuing my degree, I developed a strong calling to join the student’s law society. Here, I acquired numerous skills on leadership, teamwork and public speaking. These would later help me in arguing my case before a judge and the prosecutor. The club often invited established lawmakers to talk to us about law and such forums further increased my passion.

Over the years, I have worked with several commercial enterprises and seen to their success. This has built the trust that often misses in such deals. I value my client’s reputation and works tirelessly to guarantee victory whenever I am presented with a case. My efforts have paid off greatly because today, I handle millions of clients who prefer working with my firm to any other. Customers in the state are willing to pay for my services as they are of exceptional quality and remain unrivaled.
In bid to meet the demands of my growing client base, I joined forces with other professional lawmakers in the industry who had the same vision as mine. Like me, they have been in business for decades and therefore, understand the challenges and uniqueness of each and every case. As a firm, we wake up daily to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services and communication skills.

Legal skills are acquired from years of practice and probably some failures along the way. These equip us with the relevant knowledge needed in the corridors of our courts. Therefore, this is what I bring to the table whenever a client contracts my services. I am capable of analyzing a case thorough to determine if it needs to go to court or if it can be arbitrated upon. I have had success with solving cases outside court by engaging both parties. By doing this, they are able to evade the expensive compensations likely to be imposed on them by the judge.

In 2006, I was appointed the director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation a company dealing in mine concession in the country of Angola. With this new position, I have worked extremely hard to improve the laws that govern the industry. Furthermore, I have been able to improve the face of the company by introducing new and unheard of ideas. These major steps have catapulted the industry to greater heights.

Being in charge of several firms might be a challenge to many experienced lawyers in my field. However, this is not true in my case. With my years of practice, I have mastered the art of meeting set deadlines. Moreover, I have taken it upon myself to employ upcoming lawyers who under my close observation have grown into knowledgeable lawmakers. This personal achievement has enabled me to focus on other cases and businesses while my employees assist.

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    The true fact is that only those who are capable doing what I am capable of analyzing is a case thorough to determine if it needs to go to court. Just like I did for superiorpapers and the rest of their crew. I have to see them through.

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