Genucel Winter Time Skincare Routine

A person’s lips tend to get really chapped in the winter time more so than usual because of the fact that the general person lessens their normal water intake in the wintertime which can eventually cause dry, chapped lips.

According to the Genucel article, if you have ever noticed dry lips in other places other than your lips the chances are you are probably dealing with winter time blues. The average temperature tends to drop in the winter time therfore causing a natural decrease in humidity outside and this can affect the indoors as well. The Gnucel increase in the temperature can ultimately lead to general moisture evaporation from your human skin. There are several important ways one can change his or her moisturizing routine to benefit their complete body as well as keeping their skin more youthful.

The Genucel article goes on to talk about the benefits of water and drinking more water is easy for some to do but for others can be a struggle. Drinking a cup of water after you get up in the morning and before each meal can keep you hydrated and cutting up fruits and putting them into one’s water bottle can be a very creative way to keep one drinking the wonderful water they were made to drink. General hydration improves the elasticity of skin and improves the beauty of it as well. A air humidifier can be a great relief to your skin and lungs and will help one’s skin get through the harsh winter temperatures.

Beginning a anti-aging skin routine can be very beneficial to your skin’s health and can combat areas of your skin that may have been affected by the winter temperatures. Eating healthy foods can be a big plus in maintaining healthy skin and can give you the necessary vitamins and minerals your body and skin needs.

The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy is a healthy skin regiment that can benefit young people’s skin. You can find out more information about Genucel by following Genucel on Twitter, Youtube, and Behance. Overall, protecting your skin through anti-aging means and hydration can help keep your skin healthy.  To know more about Genucel you can visit

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