Guide on Ethically Editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an open source community. This means that anyone is allowed to make an edit already existing Wikipedia pages as long as the pages are nor protected. Editing Wikipedia pages is meant to add value to the articles through Wikipedia services. However there have been several cases of vandalism where some editors have added or removed information among other changes maliciously. There are various factors that editors should take into consideration when deciding to edit Wikipedia. The editors should understand the importance of being neutral, having information that is verifiable and follows the Wikipedia manual of style.

Editing Wikipedia pages
Before editing any Wikipedia, one should create a Wikipedia account using an email created for the sole purpose of Wikipedia business. The email should not contain your own domain name but preferably Gmail or Yahoo. In choosing a user name for the Wikipedia account, you should not use your name or a variation of your name. Instead use a username that is unique and does not describe or define you. It is also essential that you familiarize yourself with Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines especially the Wikipedia community, standards and policies.

The editing process begins with logging in the Wikipedia account. In case where you make an edit before logging in, you reveal your IP address. In such a scenario, contact the Oversight team through sending an email so that you can receive the necessary assistance. Once you have logged in you can begin to make your edits. However one should avoid making edits on favorite topics to avoid being biased. One should edit topics which he or she does not have strong feelings for. When making an edit, ensure that you are not tired, angry, or sick since these may affect your judgment on issues you are discussing. In a situation where another editor returns an edit you made, read the edited article to determine if he or she started a discussion on your Talk page or the articles Talk page.

Get your wiki
The pages it creates ranks either as first or second or third in the search results. The monitor the articles they write to ensure no malicious editing is done to them and when editing is necessary, they offer the editing services to the clients. Get your wiki are also recognized for following all the guidelines and policies and leave the controversial topics to an independent Wikipedia community. With the efforts of veteran editors, they produce the results that the clients desire, providing reliable sources of information and following the Wikipedia manual of style.

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