How Luke Lazarus is Redefining Management in World of Start-ups

Did you know that nine out of ten business created today will not survive the next five years? This phenomenon is one of the most studied business realities by pundits and economic commentators.

However, Luke Lazarus has dedicated his time in assisting start-ups in creating better policies — and therefore be part of the successful 10%. Lazarus understands what it takes for a company to be successful and more importantly — what every start-up should avoid in formative years.

First, he is one of the few experts with extensive experience in this niche. In nearly four decades, Luke Lazarus has assisted companies in creating policies and therefore, safeguarding their future. He has also created four companies, which are all successful.

According to him, the experience he has gained through managing the four companies make him knowledgeable on the subject and more importantly, passionate about success in start-ups.

Second, he is a product of the best education system in the world. He was an A student, and various journals have contributed his success in education to his unmatched understanding of different market dynamics.

Luke Lazarus points out that his education background has assisted him in understanding market trends from a different perspective. His interpretation enables him to advise his clients on the best way to handle the company’s operations and more specifically, which policies to change in the implementation stage. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Thirdly, he is a believer in innovations, specifically innovations affecting the company’s relationship with clients. He is a believer in client-based policies, regardless of the company’s niche. Luke Lazarus understands that if clients are satisfied, they are more likely to continue transacting with the company. Lazarus points out that most start-ups fail to reach the five-year mark into existence because they fail to understand clients and more importantly, the current trend in their respective markets.

As a results-oriented professional, he believes that market plans and evaluations are critical to every business. Luke Lazarus is a believer that having a definite market plan is a game changer for any company.

The proposed plan should, however, accommodate the market realities, and more importantly, it should put the company on a competitive space. After some period, Lazarus believes that carrying out a market evaluation is critical. In this stage, the company should evaluate whether their plan worked and if not, the reason for program failure.

The Melbourne Business School graduate is also a believer in a motivated workforce. Luke Lazarus believes that the difference between brilliant policies and the company’s success is — an inspired workforce.

In the three decades Lazarus has been in business , he has been keen on working with self-motivated talents and more importantly, professionals that are motivated to create better environments in their respective departments. The two factors, according to him, should guide every company’s executive when hiring.

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