How the Academy of Art University Has Transformed Local Neighborhood

Different people have a passion for different careers in life. If one follows their career in the right way, they end up happy and with exceptional fulfillment. However, the passion you have would be fruitful, and more productive if coupled with professional training. When looking for a college or university to go to for your training, it is important to ensure you choose one with innovative systems. The Academy of Art University is the place to be for everyone passionate about liberal arts, fine arts, entertainment, and design. Since 1929, the university has been on the lead when it comes to offering quality training on these careers.

The university has a wide range of specializations when it comes to designing smartphone applications, video games, as well as, other interactive applications. The students from this university presented their work to the Chief Innovation Officer using augmented reality. On 28th November, he visited the School of Game Development in The Academy of Art University to discover a new smartphone application. The name of this new application is Tenderfeels. If this application will be adopted, Tenderloin District in San Francisco will be safer than before.

Some people have described San Francisco as disgusting and unsafe despite having Downtown and Nob Hill as its neighbors. Within the area’s quarter-square mile, about 25,000 people live there. The neighborhood is said to have the highest violent crime and poverty rate. The Tenderloin District is known to be rich, and with a fascinating and seedy history. The Academy of Art University is located in the heart of San Francisco, and it is offering many youths with numerous opportunities to utilize their artistic talents. This way, the university ensures the classic locale is properly refurbished.

Tech in the Tenderloin had organized an event whose main aim was to use virtual reality or augmented reality. This was meant to get social and civic solutions, which were to be specific to Tenderloin District in San Francisco. Students from The Academy of Art University had an opportunity to compete with students from other universities such as Penn State University, California Berkeley University, and Stanford University. The School of Game Development in The Academy of Art University helps the students to succeed in visual effects, rigging, animation, UX/UI design, concept art, 3D modeling, and in other emerging technologies.

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