Igor Cornelsen’s Message to Investors: Stay the Long Haul

Legendary investor Igor Cornelsen has always maintained that the key to investment success is focusing on the long term as opposed to quick wins. Investors who come into the investing came without long term strategies, essentially playing the market for fast dollars like the lottery, are destined to fail. Like Igor Cornelsen himself, it is always best to plan for results down the line and not panic over the peaks and valleys along the way. As one of the most successful investors alive today, anybody looking to play the stocks should seriously consider Cornelsen’s advice.

A Lifelong Commitment

Anybody looking to dip into the markets, strike it rich quick, and then walk off into the sunset is almost assured to fail. Igor Cornelsen has stated that a true investor looks at the market as a commitment what will last a lifetime. Any investor wishing to see true generational wealth will need to sit on the markets for many decades in order to see a true profit of 500% or even higher, which makes investing a true career as opposed to a sometime hobby. Anybody not ready to make this commitment is urged to remain on the sidelines.

Cornelsen has always been quick to point out that the stock market is not a get rich quick scheme. A truly smart investor will put their money into sound, intelligent stocks that will make their return on investment far down the line on angel.co, reaping much huger profits than you will get just chasing the latest hot stock. What you want as an investor is the highest possible ROI, and you must be patient enough to wait for it to come in over time.

Diversification Matters

Another top tip often espoused by Igor Cornelsen is to spread out your money on a number of small investments as opposed to just throwing it all into one stock. The issue with putting all your money in one place is that you open yourself up to high losses should that stock take a fall. By spreading your investments out across a number of stocks, you are essentially protecting yourself from major losses. Plus, with a high number of stocks on your portfolio there is more chance that at least some of those stocks will be successful.

The true message that Cornelsen and his fellow successful investors often point out is to always look for companies with proven track records for producing returns. Never get caught up in hot new companies or highly tipped stocks. Instead, focus on investing in a number of sound, dependable stocks that have decades under their belt in providing steady returns.

As one of the top investors in the world with many years of success, it is safe to say that Igor Cornelsen’s advice should be well heeded by anyone looking to enjoy long term gains on the markets.

Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: https://www.thestreet.com/story/12997973/1/investing-in-brazil-igor-cornelsens-top-3-tips.html

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