Infinity Group Australia Wins As One Of AFR’s Most Innovative

Australian Financial Review awarded Infinity Group Australia at the highly esteemed awards list called AFR Most Innovative Companies. Infinity Group Australia currently ranks at the 58th out of the 100 companies in New Zealand and Australia.

Infinity Group Australis has been founded two leaders, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. It is recognized as a company specializing in debt reduction services, with the ability to help Australians create strategies to manage their finances, look for payment options, and to pay their debts based on their income. After only 5 years, the company skyrocketed to success and is currently alongside corporate giants in the industry, being awarded as one of the top Most Innovative Companies in 2018.

Australian Financial Review has been presenting the award to noteworthy companies for 7 years. The awarding body was formerly called BRW Most Innovative Companies. This highly-esteemed list ranks the most innovative companies both in Australia and New Zealand. It involves participating companies from various disciplines with a high standard in innovation practices. Australian Financial Review currently has 1.8 million readers worldwide.

The body responsible for judging the finalists in the awarding was Inventium, Australia’s top organization in innovation consultancy. They compiled the profile of each participating company and based their decision on business competency, ability to satisfy clients, business culture, and overall innovation strategies. Out of thousands that were part of the assessment process, Infinity Group Australia stood out for their notable growth and innovation practices.

How Infinity Group Australia Serves Its Clients

For 5 years, Infinity Group Australia has been delivering quality service to their clients in terms of debt reduction. Once a customer avail’s of the company’s services, a consultant will be ready to perform due research on the client’s cash flow, current debt, and other income issues. These will be reviewed accordingly and the client will be given prompt advice on how to manage these assets to reduce debt. Additionally, consultants at Infinity Group Australia can also speak on behalf of the client to the banks and creditors to find a manageable payment scheme to reduce debt.

The work of Infinity Group Australia doesn’t end there. They try to exceed expectations and serve the clients until they have fully managed debt reduction, as well as provide succinct advice on how to grow present investments. They can also offer insights on what other investments their clients can take based on their income and preferences. Learn more :

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