Innovation in Telecommunications, Coriant Inc.

Coriant is a independent telecom company focused on utilizing edge to core networking services to cater to online video, mobile or cloud platforms. Coriant’s business model revolves around the improvement of several different fields of networking construction and management, namely, mobile back hauling, long haul transport, fixed mobile convergence as well as legacy SONET and SDH migration. The company services leaders in the telecommunication industry in well over one hundred different countries the world over and bears over thirty five years of distinguished telecommunication service experience. Coriant is based primarily out of Germany (which houses it’s R & D, manufacturing and operational center) as well as the United States, Finland, Portugal and China with several other smaller operational centers all over the rest of the world.

Coriant is well known for it’s innovative and cutting edge product package which includes devices and services for a wide array of communication platforms. Some of their most popular and well received include the Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform for Optical Transport Solutions, the Coriant Transcend SDN Solution System for software defined networking, the 8000 Intelligence Network Management System for intelligence network management, the 8000’s Smart Router Series for edge routing solutions as well as the 6300 Managed MSPP Transport Platform for cross connection solutions.

However, Coriant does more than merely provide network access and software, they also offer a full suite of network and technical support. Support services include both on site and remote technical operation, designated, project specific support management, on site or remote technical upgrades and improvements as well as on site hardware management, replacement and upgrades.

Coriant is currently managed by CEO and Chairman of the Board, Shaygan Kheradpir, a PhD and Master’s holder in engineering who has a long and proven history within the telecommunication industry. He has worked for various companies before landing in his leadership position with Coriant, some of which include such prestigious companies as GTE, Jupiter Networks and Marlin Equity Partners. Kheradpir is also the holder of multiple patents pertaining to various networking fields and holds positions on the boards of both Cornell University’s Engineering Council and the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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