International Business Advisor Maarten de Jeu Shares Tips To Businesses Planning To Enter The Global Market

Key decision-makers and business owners automatically think that when a business becomes very successful the next best thing to do is to expand in other markets, particularly in other markets abroad. The idea is very common and sensible since expanding the business would mean a wider market and a higher potential for profitability. However, many global business experts discourage getting into the international without comprehensive preparations, one of them is the renowned international business strategist, Maarten de Jeu.

Maarten de Jeu believes that there is so much at risk when expanding to the international market that many business owners and key decision-makers fail to consider. Invading a territory that you are not really familiar with could cause detrimental damage to the business. To prevent this, Maarten suggests several tips that businesses must consider before making that next bold step to expand globally.

Maarten de Jeu recommends that before launching the business abroad, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research first about the area. Through this, the business would determine the demand in the market. It would also help according to the veteran international strategist and consultant to know the culture of the place as well as its language, law, and business regulations. Learn more:

More importantly, any business planning for global expansion must be prepared financially. It is equally vital for the business to have a standardized procedure to follow in its operation whether local or international to make sure that the quality and service will not be compromised. Maarten de Jeu has an extensive background in international business operations he acquired through years of working in various business operations in the global market.

Maarten de Jeu holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Oxford. He founded the SVM Business Advisory, a consultancy and advisory firm in Chicago that aims to help businesses in running their businesses and achieving their goals. The majority of Maarten’s clients are business owners, young entrepreneurs, key decision-makers, and chief executive officers.

Before he founded the SVM Business Advisory, Maarten de Jeu held various key roles in different companies. He served as the director of Aviva plc’s Strategic and Corporate department. He was later appointed as the strategy manager of the company and was tasked to handle its operations in London.

Maarten de Jeu also worked at TVDK Management Consultants. This is where he worked with the VIPs in the business world. Among the accounts he handled include Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING. His consulting services are also recognized and sought by businesses included in the Fortune 500.

With his extensive knowledge in the ebb and flow of operating business locally or internationally, Maarten de Jeu understands that expanding to the international market means exposing the business to risk. That is why he also recommends the tips mentioned earlier which are the products of his knowledge in the industry. 

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