Interview With Greg Blatt On How He Stays Successful

Greg Blatt is an incredibly successful CEO who has spent most of his adult career working in the online dating industry. Blatt got his formal education in law school and focused primarily on corporate law and finance, which took his career path to an M and A firm in New York. He liked what he did well enough, but it was not his passion. Blatt started dabbling in other ventures which eventually led him to work alongside Martha Stewart on her general counsel. 

He found that this was what he really loved so he embraced a new life course. When the first dating website that he worked for, IAC, approached him, he knew he had to take it on and see where he could go. It wasn’t long before he had been CEO of IAC, Tinder, and Match Group. Greg Blatt saw the potential online dating had and knew that it was currently only scraping the tip of the iceberg, so he worked hard to make online dating something no one had seen before. Greg Blatt recently did an interview where he discussed what keeps him productive and what inspires him to keep going. 

How do you make your ideas a reality?

Blatt says that once he got to the highest he could be in the dating organizations, he was the one who was able to make ideas really happen, but it wasn’t him that did the do-ing. His team of talented professionals that he put together and empowered would take the reigns on new ideas and bring them to life. He says that it is he who encourages his people and sets them in the right direction, but it is his team that really brings ideas to life (Marthastewart). 

What is a new trend that excites you?

Video chat is something still relatively new and exciting to Blatt. This is something that is allowing people from across the globe to come together and talk to one another and get to know each other. For Greg Blatt, it has been something that has been in the works for years and to see that become a reality and bring people from all over the world in all walks of life together and help build relationships has been an extremely exciting thing for him to see. 

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