Isabel dos Santos Gives Back

Isabel dos Santos is considered to be Africa’s richest woman. She is the eldest child of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who was the former President of Angola from 1979 to 2017. Forbes estimated her net worth at two billion US dollars in 2013. This makes her the first billionaire female in Africa. Isabel dos Santos has received her wealth through doing business in Angola and also heavily investing in businesses in Portugal, among other places.

Isabel dos Santos attended boarding school in Kent as a child. She then went on to King’s College in London to study electrical engineering. It was there that she met Sindika Dokolo from Zaire. He later became her husband. For 20 years, Isabel dos Santos lived in London and worked at several companies on the European Stock Exchange in management positions. Isabel dos Santos is always looking for talented people in her own country of Angola and throughout Africa (Alivenewspaper). 

She wants to help those future leaders and give them a lift, but also wants to acknowledge and highlight them so their path can be an inspiration to others. She later chose to go back to Luanda and became project manager engineer for Urbana 2000. She has continued to expand her business holdings in Angola and Portugal. Also, Isabel became chair-woman of Sonangol in June 2016 through her father’s appointment, which is the state oil company in Angola. Fortunately for other young entrepreneurs that follow up on her, she shares these stories on her website and speaks a lot at other events that serve to promote others.

Isabel dos Santos was called on to speak at the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development. She used this opportunity to highlight others while also showing what is possible through hard work. The goal of the event and of Isabel dos Santos is to improve the lives of the African people. Her goals in all of her charity work is to give inspiration to those around her and offer them positive experiences.

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