Jason Hope Brings the Internet of Things to the Airline Industry

When you wake up in the morning, how much of your life is going to follow the path laid out for it by the internet? The internet has taken over our lives in a good way – bringing efficiency and automation to areas that could use it. Jason Hope, a world renowned futurist and entrepreneur, has been touting the Internet of Things as the next great industry and we can’t help but get on board. The Internet of Things essentially encapsulates the idea of automation in our daily lives, thanks to connection with the internet.

Jason Hope looks to the airline industry as a place where the Internet of Things is already coming together to change the way we live our lives. He points out how Virgin Atlantic and their Boeing 787s are a prime example of safety, developed by the Internet of Things. the Boeing 787 jets are all connected to the internet, every piece of the airplane body is interfaced in real time with a wireless network that constantly monitors it for safety. If something goes wrong with the plane, people will know almost immediately. This is huge and a real example of the industry catering to the IoT in order to enhance their own safety and abilities. If you want to learn more about him : Click here.

More than just safety, Hope believes that the Internet of Things can come about and make great change in the realm of customer service. While certain airlines currently suffer from PR battles, others will look to the Internet of Things in order to greatly improve the experience of their customers. Hope points out the ability of personalized travel where airports are lined with devices to help keep you going in the right direction, stop you from getting lost, and get you where you want to go on time. Customer service will also be improved by an easier check in and boarding process, thanks to the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is urging corporations to buy in now, for the Internet of Things is coming.

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