Kenneth Griffin Is Living His Dream

Ken Griffin on valuewalk is the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC, a hedge fund that is based in Chicago. The firm has acquired more than $26 billion of investment capital. They have designed strategies that cover fixed incomes, commodities, equities, quantitative strategies and credit. The Citadel hedge fund is the second largest multi strategic alternative investment firm in the world. The firms’ financial sensors’ for investments are wide and long, and they reach into managing the assets of university endowments, pensions and sovereign wealth funds. Their offices are located in London, UK, Central, Hong Kong, Shenzen and Shanghai, China, Dallas and Houston, Texas, Denver, CO, Toronto Canada, and San Francisco CA and Boston MA.

Citadel Securities were launched in 2002, and this sector makes the trade executions for the institutions and the retail markets. The company charges you less so you can get more for your money, are the reason for using an automated system. The spreads are tighter and the cost of the trade is lower, because the information is obtained quickly.

The state-of-the-art tech, accompanied by thorough research, and a strong risk management team, results in successful ventures.

Citadel Technology is owned, operated and is an affiliate of Citadel. Its investment management technology was introduced in 2009 and is used by various funds and financial firms. The inventive imaginations at Citadel, designed and developed this technology. The company continued to strengthen their investment capabilities.

In 2013, Citadel Technology announced a partnership with REDI, a high speed trading platform.

Citadels Order Management System coupled with a REDI’s trading platform, will increase the number of investments to become limitless and at the company and clients’ fingertips. This is an ingenious coupling that will cross all the time zones, manages the risk during the life cycle of the trades, and access to more than 150 execution brokers across the globe. These systems can collect information for equity, index, spreads and what options are available on futures.

In 2014, the Chinese investors were allowed to invest in an overseas hedge fund due to a yuan fund-raising event as part of a program that Citadel developed.

Ken Griffin earned his degree in economics from Harvard University in 1989. The $265,000 he raised from friends and family, enabled him to start his entrepreneur career in trading in 1987.

Immersing himself in the trading business, he was hired by Glenwood Partners, which was another hedge fund that was based in Chicago.

The Citadel firm believes in helping the community. The company gives contributions to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and lends their help to children and families with severe medical needs. The National Museum of Mathematics is one of Citadels’ partners, and the museum has developed a program to support math and science students from low income communities, tutor, and prepare them to enter universities and the business world.