Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blake Mallen

Blake Mallen was very early to spot the power of social media for network marketing. Back in 2005, when he co-founded ViSalus with his business partner, Nick Sarnicola, working in direct sales was seen as a stagnant industry with little prospects. But Mallen saw a challenge.

Blake Mallen was able to leverage viral marketing and capturing the explosive growth of platforms such as Facebook at exactly the right time. He was creating the gig economy before the gig economy was a thing. Today, ViSalus is the number one personal weight-loss and fitness platform in North America.

Not being one to rest on his laurels, Blake Mallen went on to found Liv. Blake realized that people were putting their dreams on hold, setting them aside for a someday that for many, just never came. Enter Liv. Liv helps people make that someday be today. As Blake says, “Our life is the collection of experiences we choose to create.”

In addition to the work Mallen has done in the business world, he is also a powerful motivational speaker. Over 15 years ago, Blake started his first personal blog, titled “Life Off the Script.” The ideas that he began developing there have grown into a philosophy that he was he able to share with the world last year in his, “Shift the Script” TEDx Talk.

In this Tedx Talk, Blake Mallen explains the reason that so many people feel stuck. They are focused on the person they have been told they are supposed to be. Instead, they need to allow themselves to become the person they were meant to be.

With all of these accomplishments, Blake also manages to make time for his family. He is married to his high-school sweetheart. They have a young son and daughter and enjoy life’s adventures together.

How Blake Mallen Capitalized On The Gig Economy Before It Was A Thing

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