Lime Crime Brings the Color of the Year Within Venus III

The chosen color of the year from Pantone is Ultraviolet. The color Ultraviolet is a vivid shade of violet with an impactful and futuristic look to it. The futuristic aspect to it makes the appeal of the color for 2018 fairly clear, as 2018 is a year of many advancements and innovations that will be a part of the future. The Lime Crime makeup brand used the Pantone color of the year to create their new Venus palette. The Venus III palette is fueled by futuristic colors in purple hues like Ultraviolet and shades of pink.

The case of the Venus III palette has an ultraviolet colored sky across the case of it. A figure of Venus and doves are featured upon the cover of the makeup palette. Upon opening the palette you can see a mirror on the inside of the lid which is surrounded by a beautiful golden gilded frame. The inside of the palette has eight different eye shadows inside of it that are clearly labeled.

The eight shadows are perfect for pulling off the trends of spring 2018 and other seasons for the rest of 2018. The shadows include Dreamy, Ecstasy, Paradise, Bliss, Beloved, Rapture, Heavenly, and Beam. Each shadow may be used alone or together to create beautiful eye makeup looks. Beam and Paradise are two different ultraviolet hues in the palette. Dreamy and Bliss are pinkish hues. Rapture, Beloved, and Heavenly are neutral shadow colors. Heavenly is a dark grungy brown.

To find ideas for your makeup, you can view the Lime Crime Instagram page: @limecrimemakeup. Or you can use the hashtag #limecrime on Instagram for more makeup ideas that come straight from fans of the colorful brand. You may also find ideas on how to apply your Venus III eyeshadows on the Lime Crime Facebook page.

The Venus III palette is available from a few different online retailers or beauty retailers. Ulta Beauty Products carries the ultraviolet vibrant colored palette. Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and the brand’s website has the palette available. It’s priced reasonably at $38 for the entire eight eye shadows palette.

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