Luke Lazarus on Assisting Firms to Gain a Proper Market Presence

Throughout the processes of advancement in the world, there are low chances of establishing new businesses and assisting them to develop prior to getting blown into smithereens by the hurricane waves released by the marketplace. In an estimate, approximately 90 percent of new startups fail in the first six years of the outset.

In a world where the growth of employment opportunities has vastly declined for decades, this is strange news. However, for individuals who follow news posted regarding business, there’s a major surprising trend appended in the dismal data.

Although most of the new businesses fail in the long run, there’s a minority of these startups that end up becoming successful. This is with the assistance of a golden touch from a mature business professional. There are people known as serial entrepreneurs. They are revered business owners who have mastered the value of being consistent in business.

The persistence is useful in helping businesses to become successful. It’s by knowledge and skill that these businesses have succeeded. Such individuals have chosen to assist emerging entrepreneurs and other business professionals to be successful. One such person is Luke Lazarus, who was born in Melbourne, Australia.

He first established his business at the age of 8. Over the years, he took up various entrepreneurial roles in the startup world. Lazarus was a standout student. In school, he scored an A and excelled in different scholastic sports. Luke Lazarus also proved his academic and business talents, thereby becoming a major prospect for a significant number of higher learning institutions. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus Profile |

He made it to the Ivy League Group of Schools and took leadership roles in various sectors prior to joining the Melbourne Business School for an MBA. Although local, the institution was highly regarded. After graduating from college, Luke Lazarus spent a decade establishing four companies.

Each of the firms would be sold for significant sums of money. At 35, he was independent financially. He then started to work as a startup consultant. After a long search, he realized that he wasn’t driven by money anymore. Therefore, he was no longer keen on the amount he earned. He moved straight into the workforce and took up leadership roles as a financial consultant.

Luke Lazarus invested his funds into other business intending to develop elegant solutions based on their success. He, therefore, became a respected business professional as well as a consultant. Lazarus has supported more than ten startups in developing a viable business plan that leads to success.

He has also been helping them to analyze their reports and assess their success. Lazarus is focused on assisting such brands in delving into the launch of new products in the consumer market.

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