Lung Institute Takes Healthcare To A New Level

Dr. Coleman is leading doctor at the Lung Institute. He has clarified to all how stem cell technology is able to reshape the way in which medicine is being practiced today in the U.S.

Dr. Coleman has made a very strong point that today in the U.S.; research is being funded mainly by the biotechnology companies in addition to the government. Besides, all the regulatory agencies are under the direct control of the government. All the expenses for these procedures are getting passed on to the consumer along with the insurance companies. He also discussed that global advancement along with application has ensured that these expenses are not getting passed in a fair manner. This forces many patients to look for treatment from a few sources that may not be so well-controlled. This makes the scientists and caregivers, self-appointed guardians of any material and knowledge related to stem cell research and treatment. They will have only moral along with ethical concerns to guide them.

Ultimately, Dr. Coleman talks about Lung Institute which believes in providing the safest treatment to patients that can relieve their pain and suffering. The best treatment is given which can prolong their quality of life.

After all, the world is getting smaller. According to, this means that knowledge is getting more egalitarian. All across nations, medical care is becoming more standardized. This is why the Lung Institute already believes that healthcare development has to move from bench to bedside. Thus healthcare will have to progress. It will have to move much beyond national sovereignty. This can be possible only through a global effort.

The Lung Institute has already made a name for being the leader in providing regenerative cellular therapy, This is for lung diseases that include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), besides pulmonary fibrosis as well as interstitial lung disease. The Lung Institute has already treated over 3,000 patients. It was in 2013 that the Lung Institute opened in Tampa, Fla. Now, it has opened a number of clinics in Tampa, Fla., Nashville, Tenn., as well as Scottsdale, Ariz., along with Pittsburgh, Pa. besides Dallas, Texas.

Check out the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel for more information.

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