Make a Ripple in the Sea of Knowledge: Creating and Editing Content on Wikipedia

Since its inception in 2001, Wikipedia has long become the go-to resource for netizens worldwide to find reliable and comprehensive information on millions of topics. Maintaining this wealth of knowledge are dedicated teams of editors who ensure that the quality of every article stays up to Wikipedia’s encyclopedic standards. Nevertheless, Wikipedia’s premise as an open-source encyclopedia allows any user to create and edit content, which gives access to amateur and professional editors alike. Creating and editing content by Wikipedia writers are straightforward enough, yet does require some orientation beforehand, which you’ll gain ahead.

Most importantly, you should first create a user account, as full creating and editing privileges are reserved for registered users only. You’ll have access, as well, to training tutorials and a dedicated user page, where you can track your user history. Once registered, familiarize yourself immediately with the general rules all Wikipedia editors must abide by. Before creating a new article, ensure that Wikipedia hasn’t got a relevant article already, and, if not, that its subject matter meets notability guidelines; that is, third-party sources and publications on it already exist, which you must link to in the article. Only after gathering reliable and varied references can you feel free to create a new article. Use the disambiguation page to prevent title cashes with similarly named articles, and choose a pertinent topical category that the article must fall under. To edit text, there are two methods available. The wiki markup is accessed by default on the edit tab and edits with MediaWiki code, which has a steeper learning curve. The VisualEditor, which, once turned on in your personal preferences, avoids code by showing real-time edits on the page itself, and is more suitable for beginners.

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    The usefulness of the Wiki page is one that is so important to many people that into the research field constantly improving the page is good. Though essaydune has giving us the detail about what they are doing already, I think that their should be a team that monitors some of the contents that are been edited in the page knowing that the work of people might be altered if people can just edit this contents anyhow.

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